How Was Your Week?

When I enter a group – at church, for instance – after saying hello (of course), I typically ask, “Have you had a good day?”  I might inquire about a “good week” depending on how long it has been since we last chatted.  I’m not exactly sure when or why I started asking this but it does seem to be a bit more of a conversation starter than “how are you?”  I’m not suggesting that I don’t like this question; however, I recently read something which has really challenged my thinking.  I’ll get to the thought-provoking statement in just a minute.

What is the measure of a good day?  When you are done for the day (whether ready to pillow your head or just ready to cozy up and “call it a day”) and you think to yourself, “Today was a good day,”  what makes one day a good day over another?  Obviously, we all have “those” days.  The days when each hour is an uphill battle and/or life in general just seems to be conspiring against us.  It’s a bad day.  Maybe you don’t feel well – again.  Or maybe…..any of a hundred other scenarios that fall under the “bad day” or “dear Lord, I hope tomorrow is a better day” category.  Yes, the “bad days” often seem easier to earmark than the good ones.  Which leads me back to my question – what constitutes a good day?

For me.  The somewhat OCD and over-planner in me has a really good day when all the things get checked off my list.  Most of my lists are simply in my brain but it is still clicking off and making mental check marks as things get done.  A productive day is a good day:)  The hyper organizer me (and still rather OCD self) has a good day when everything is in its place.  This may seem silly but a chaotic atmosphere, a messy or cluttered space, or just dust everywhere that mocks me when I enter a room will drain my happy faster than none other.  Lastly, and I’m just being honest here, the peacemaker in me has a good day (a really good day) when there is no drama.  Truthfully, if I ever were to say out loud that I was having a “bad day,” you can be sure there was drama.  Somewhere and with some (or all) of my people.  The dust doesn’t help but it really is the drama.

Enough about me….and on to that quote I read.  Paul Tripp said, “I am tempted to assess the “good” of a day by whether it pleased me versus whether I pleased God and was loving toward others.”  Ouch.  It has been a couple of weeks ago since I read that and it is still impactful.  Still stops me in my tracks (especially when drama is mounting) and still causes me to reconsider my actions as well as my reactions.  For me, it was just that good.  So I thought I should share.  I think it would be well worth taking with us (even jotting down if necessary) as we begin December and start the Christmas season.

I’m pretty sure not everything will get checked off my lists (mental list, shopping list, or any other list).  You can be certain the dust is collecting and there will be more than enough mess (and messy) to drain my joy.  And drama?  I’m almost certain about that to some degree or another.   But even in the midst of that – and even more – each day can be a good day.  A really good day.  By pleasing God and loving other.  I’m glad you stopped by….and I really would like to know if you have had a good week:).

18 thoughts on “How Was Your Week?

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this, Jennifer! I’m reading Paul David Tripp’s New Morning Mercies and I’m so thankful for it. This ‘good day’ quote is one I will be meditating on in the days ahead. Truly helps keep my focus on Christ. Thanks again.

    1. His writing always gives me much to consider and mull over! Glad you were encouraged…and glad you stopped by this morning!

  2. Good food for thought, Jennifer! I am not a list maker or very organized but like you, I typically ask someone how his or her day is going or how the week is going. I am having a good week so far! I hope that you are, too!

  3. Hello! Thanks for visiting my blog earlier. Nice to meet you! LOVE your post.
    I JUST read that Paul Tripp quote recently and i loved it.
    For me: I’m a tad bit (self diagnosed) OCD with a teacher personality, oldest child syndrome, and type A. Try that!! I still teach full time outside the home for a private preschool agency that serves children and families with special needs. 12 students all with IEPS (individualized education plans) and ages 3-5. Most of this year’s class is on the Autism Spectrum. about half are non verbal so sign language and the PECS system is utlized (the kids are there 8:30-1). I’m now “just” an assistant teacher but still need to plan nad teach 6 out of the 12. I have the higher functioning group. That said: a good day is one in which the screamer and biter doesn’t do either; when the elopement of one doesn’t take off; when the one who is typically shut down, smiles or laughs or even better repeats a word! When the boy who has a crush on me is willing to play with another adult. 🙂 I love getting the to do list checked off. A good day.
    BUT….a SUPER good day for me is when I am having Sabbath. When I am with my Redeemer in the woods on a mountain trail and reach that summit and can BREATHE Him in. When my soul is still before Him so I can fully Know Him.

    1. Faith, I am so glad you stopped by and took the time to comment! So glad to find your blog – and to meet you! Your day sounds really stressful – but rewarding! Here’s to a week with plenty of “good days” – even good moments!!:) Taking a Sabbath is such a blessing. Hope you enjoyed one this weekend –

  4. Oh I am right there with you and your mental “To Do” lists Jennifer. If I can’t lay my head down at night knowing I’ve accomplished everything, I feel worthless, and count it as a “bad” day. But that quote by Paul Tripp brings me up short…big time. What a measuring stick. That definitely has my attention. Thank you for sharing so transparently, I needed this rest stop today!

  5. I’ve had a very good week.
    A good day for me starts with my morning walk. During that time I talk to God and after that most days are pretty good days for me. :). It may sound corny but counting my blessings on a bad day turns my bad day into a good one. Hard to have a bad day when you are thankful.

    1. I really wish I could make a daily walk into a habit. I have tried – but it hasn’t happened yet. I know it would make a huge difference! Thanks for stopping by this week!

  6. What a great quote! I need to write that one in my journal.

    I can’t function in clutter either. I won’t say it makes me have a bad day, but it definitely leaves me grumpy.
    I think my bad days come from my mood or other’s moods that I’m feeding off of. This is not a good thing and I’m working on it!
    The epitome of self-control would be to have a steady mood, no matter what anyone else brings to the room. Like I said…working on it! 🙂

    I grew to really dread the “how are you?” question. I like your question much better. I think there is more opportunity for conversation with that one.

    Thanks for the food for thought!

  7. I LOVE that quote! It does sting a bit. I do try to live a life that honors the Lord and others, but I certainly don’t always succeed, or I’ll let myself slip and hear myself grumbling about something. Again, I do my best, but there are days when it’s not as I’d hoped. I am going to sit and think on this one for a bit…what makes a day good? If I’m honest, I would say that for me it means getting all my daily things done- spending time with the Lord in prayer and in reading His word, all the house/wife/mom stuff getting done, and spending time with my loved ones would be a good day. Anything extra from what I listed is considered a bonus. I loved this post, friend.

    1. Thanks for your thoughts here! Your comments are a blessing….and I hope today has been “a good one” for you! Gettin the stuff done AND spending some time with your people!!:)

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