Hubbie’s Turn for a Daytrip

I missed FMF yesterday – Hubbie and I took a day trip! – but still wanted to join the group, so this is Five Minute Friday.  On Saturday.  And, admittedly, a quirky twist on this week’s prompt:  turn.  Just a bit of encouragement and a quick recap of our day.

GO – After more than thirty years of marriage, my husband and I are at that stage where we not only know each other – well – but we also anticipate each other (as in, finish one another’s sentences) and simply have a routine that regulates our days.  It may sound like “a rut” but it is not.  It is a foundation that beats a steady rhythm to our little world.  Whatever a day may hold – that might vary – but knowing our little bit of “ordinary” and “every day” is something I depend on and appreciate even more as each year goes by.

We enjoy day trips.  A chance to get away – but then, come home, and sleep in our own bed at night!  Priceless.  Most of our days out involve looking for the latest “treasure” in an off the beaten path secondhand store. Or wandering through a small town – looking for the local restaurant with the cutest outdoor patio where we can enjoy lunch.  I love treasure hunting and I really enjoy dining, al fresco, and Hubbie is my good sport – along for the fun!  Rarely do our trips revolve around history.  Sad, but true.  But yesterday was his turn.  His turn to spend the entire day doing what he really enjoys.  We spent the day in Gettysburg – about two hours from home.   We did the entire auto tour which was really quite interesting.  I learned a lot – from the narration, from hearing other tour guides in the area and simply from standing on the spots of history. I know that Hubbie thoroughly enjoyed it.

Honestly, our first plan was to go to one of our favorite spots – for more browsing and eating:)  But I’m glad it was “his turn” …. for his interests to set the agenda.  I spent far too many years in the early part of our marriage trying to ensure “I got my turn” all the time.  Protecting my interests.  So thankful for these years – where God has faithfully pruned me, taught me and matured me – that I can better enjoy marriage as He intended.

Just for fun.. check here for a (much older) post about my Hubbie and a photo of us – from those very first days!  Oh my.

And, one more “just for fun.”  I came across these treats in the gift shop at the visitor’s center.  I know that chocolate can cover just about anything these days…but, I was still surprised to find these potato chips with the pretzels and graham crackers!!?!  Do you like chocolate on your chips??:)

4 thoughts on “Hubbie’s Turn for a Daytrip

  1. My husband loves Abraham Lincoln and anything to do with the Civil War. We went to Gettysburg about 10 years ago. Sometimes it has to be his turn to choose, but I enjoyed it too. Great post.

  2. Gettysburg is on one of my future places to visit! Wow to 30 years of marriage. My husband and I are going on 13 years and we are looking forward to the 30!

  3. Jennifer, what a fun outing that must have been! I would love to live in your part of the country where so much history was lived. It is easy to try and assert to make sure we get our turn, isn't it? Like you, I'm learning to let go of that way of thinking. It's hard sometimes, though.

    Congratulations on 30 years. What a legacy! We just celebrated 22.

    And, though I've not yet tried chocolate on potato chips, I imagine the sweet and salty together would be divine. 🙂 Have a great week!

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