I Hate My Big Feet:)

Let’s face it….when it comes to first impressions – they really do count and….we all form them. I don’t really think that is necessarily being judgmental. When we simply assume our first impression is all there is and we are unwilling to look beyond – or to have our first impressions altered – that is more of a problem. But, we really do need to be careful with first impressions – not only the ones we form, but also the ones we are making ourselves.

I liked the comments yesterday – so many of you noticing others’ smiles…and teeth!…and their hair. And I am right there with you. I notice them both and cute hair (at least, well kept hair) and a pretty smile do say volumes!! But, in response to the survey I heard yesterday – forty percent of women said they made first impressions based on someone’s…..SHOES!

HA – and funny, because I have to admit I would be guilty of this, too! Shoes are those “extra details” that really do make a difference! Not only do the condition of your shoes say alot but, I think, the style of shoe you are wearing suggests a whole lot about you, too – well, especially girls. Stilettos….steel-toe boots, track shoes, Mary Janes, etc. They, often, give a very accurate hint as to someone’s personality before they have ever even told you their name.

And having said that – please don’t judge me by my shoes because my shoe wardrobe is pathetic and really rather hideous. I acknowledge this and I am trying to “revamp…revitalize…and replace” the whole collection…but shopping for shoes when your feet are as big (and wide) as mine is not easy. It is a painful, painful chore. But I’m working on it and if those forty percent of women out there judging me by my shoes will just be patient with me…….I would be ever so grateful.

10 thoughts on “I Hate My Big Feet:)

  1. I didn't get around to visit your blog yesterday–but I would have commented eye contact and hair. Or as a very general thing, cleanliness/being well-kept as a whole.

    If I am being judged on shoes, uh oh. After injuring my back 13 years ago, I have been unable to wear the stylish shoes I used to. I miss them! I still try on cute ones in hopes that I can find something comfy but usually get disappointed. Most of the time I wear athletic shoes–I have several pair and always wear cute and clean ones unless I'm doing yard work, lol!

    I notice cute shoes on others, but I definitely don't notice their foot size–whether large or small. I guess we just need to be thankful that we are able to walk, right?

  2. Hi Jenn,
    Wow, 40% of women judge you by your shoes……….never would have guessed that!!

    I would have said by how well kept they are, cleanliness, neatness that sort of thing, which would include, teeth, hair, smile the whole package, and friendliness.

    That's why I never like to go out looking bad, cause the few times I have we always run into somebody from hubbies work, and I think they must think he has a slob for a wife!! lol Course, it was his fault, he said you look fine lets go! But I didn't feel like I looked fine!! lol
    Cause first impressions are a powerful thing!! Cause some give you the benefit of the doubt and others may not!!

    I do have one person that many times comments on my shoes, so bet she would be one of the 40%!! lol
    Course, I really enjoy her saying that, cause I love shoes, but find it hard to find cute shoes that are comfy.

    This is all too funny!!
    I will be checking out the shoes from now on for sure!! lol

    Have a great day hon,

  3. HAHA Soo funny that it would be this…My shoes are usually for comfort only. However my daughter has a HUGE shoe thing. And a couple of times ago when she was here she just had a fit over the sandles I was wearing, "Oh mom, they are just soo horrid…let's buy you some new ones" which she proceded to do. Cute little comfy sandles with a sparkly type glitter thing between the toes. Can't honestly tell you how many compliments I've got on those shoes. She'd love this. But I tend to find a pair that is comfy and where them to death till they fall apart. Have just never got into shoes. Anyway, I enjoyed this. Quite interesting…Hope your day is a good one. HUGS

  4. I would not have guessed "shoes". The older I get the more I only wear comfortable shoes. I do keep them polished and clean but comfort is the name of the game.

  5. I have along narrow foot, so I seldom find shoes that really fit. Since I hurt my ankle a year ago, I can only wear "Cute" shoes for short periods of time. They don't give my ankle enough support, so it is back to the athletic shoes. My mom always said, "It doesn't matter how well dressed you are, if your shoes are shabby or dirty, it ruins your whole appearance." I think she might have been right! 🙂

  6. Oh NO!!! Please don't judge me by my SHOES!! ha I'm like you….my feet are large and wide! And with foot ailments and back problems to boot, I'm pretty much handicapped in what kind of shoes are available for me! Why doesn't some shoe designer make cute shoes that are low-heeled and don't squeeze the toes??? I mostly am known for my Mary Jane's I think! ha But it's hard to find cute ones sometimes!

    Marilyn…in Mississippi

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