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I can honestly say I always find it hardest on Tuesdays to “post”….I’m off to Bible study first thing in the morning and time always seems to get away from me before I get to the computer. Yes, I know I can post the night before – but that doesn’t seem to happen too often, either. I did get up early enough to make the most amazing dessert (Caramel Apple Crisp!!) I found on a blog – somewhere! -to take to Bible study for our “mid-semester munch.” This is definitely a keeper and I will keep trying to find it again so I can share it with my friends:)

So, just two quick things: I have really encouraged – and convicted – by Debbie’s recent posts and have so enjoyed reading her testimony. She invited readers to share their testimony, as well, and link back to her post. With that in mind, I plan to share my salvation experience on Friday…and what a great idea for Friday with Friends. I would love to hear about your faith…and when you became a Christian. It doesn’t need to be long or fancy..or intimidating, if this is something new for you. Simply share your story. I would love to read everyone’s. So, that is our topic for this week’s Friday with Friend.

And…a teaser, of sorts. Forty percent of women surveyed, said they make/form a first impression on others (especially other women) based on….what?? A specific answer. So, what do you think it is??? And how would you answer that question for yourself??

I’ll give you the answer tomorrow – have a beautiful Tuesday!!

5 thoughts on “Plan Now For Friday with Friends

  1. Hi Jen! I know this may sound silly but one of the first things I notice is a person's teeth. If they are yellow or scraggly, it really grosses me out!

    I also have to say that whether a person will admit it or not, many people will judge based on what a person is wearing…first impressions. If it's bummy with stains, or wrinkled, then you may get the wrong impression. I TRY not to judge a person based on first impressions with what they're wearing but sometimes I find myself doing it and then have to catch myself! So sad I know.

    Okey dokey, gonna run.

    Love you!


  2. hmmmm, I would think it would be hair. I guess because that is the first thing I notice. I don't think I'm being snobby (cause with my hair I have no reason to be), I just think whether I like their hair or not. I will be interested to find the answer.

  3. Hi Jennifer, I so understand how some days are more difficult to post than others. I used to write my post and schedule the night before but for some reason blogger won't let me do that anymore-such a bummer. Some days I just don't have much to say I guess. Can't wait to hear your testimony.
    Have a delightful evening.

  4. What a great idea for Friday!

    I notice hair first. Don't know why, just do!

    The dessert sounds great. How could you go wrong with caramel and apples?

    Have a great night!

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