In Their Easter Finest

With the best of intentions, I have tried posting every Tuesday and Friday.  And then I did not get a post up yesterday…which made the day feel just a bit off.  However, it was a full day – plenty of things on the “to do” list but, even more, just a day full of little surprises…and gifts from God.  Not a parting of the red sea type of day but an ordinary day with an extra amount of blessings and smiles from Heaven.  So, although I may be a tad off schedule, I do not want to miss the opportunity to praise my heavenly father….truly He is so good to me!

Among those smiles yesterday, a sweet friend sent me this picture she stumbled across….

That cute redhead – in his Easter cardigan (and blue shorts, with white socks to his knees), and his mouth full of cookie, I suppose….never fails to make my heart happy!!  I hope your day has had an extra smile, or two, from Heaven today!

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