Is It Any Wonder??

Just to follow up from yesterday’s account of my phone conversation with Jo……

In preparation from deployment, apparently there are a lot of tests and appointments that have to be taken care of in order to be “fit” to go. One such test is a “mental review”..I suppose to evaluate if you are stable enough to be shipped out. All of this military agenda is new to us and Jordan had recently told me about this test. And, lest you confuse me with the kind, compassionate type…when Jordan told me about his deployment being cancelled, my first comment was ….”Maybe you failed the mental review.” Not even kidding:)

He was quick to assure me the entire flight (group, team, whatever??) had been cancelled! Oh, and as a side note – in preparation for deployment, Jordan is/was scheduled to have his wisdom teeth pulled. I asked him if they were bothering him and he said, “Oh no. They told me they just aren’t necessary and pulling them now, I won’t have to be worried with them while I’m overseas.”

Oh. I suppose the same could be said for your appendix, your gall bladder, and that spare right kidney!! And we wonder why the boy doesn’t call home more often!!

Enough about that. I have really enjoyed Jennifer’s blog this week. She had a great (and she promises easy) recipe for dough…to make breadsticks..which I plan to use this weekend. She also had some lessons on fixing up the look of the blog – I’m still working on that. And she had a really encouraging post about trust that was inspired by her coffee mug!! I mentioned in my comment that none of my mugs are that inspiring – but I do like my mugs and most of them have “a story.” I am planning to share a mug or two on Monday. Maybe you will join me. Share a picture of one (or two) of your favorites and then share the story behind it. Let me know if you did in the comments and I will look forward to reading your story!

4 thoughts on “Is It Any Wonder??

  1. Good Morning!

    I have walked 3 different gals through that procedure and it worked. I am wondering what went wrong here…Did you remember to hit "save" when you finished? My sister when she did it the first time was not picking the right place to change her numbers. Oh well, guess we tried. SIGH…These are the type of computer things that drive me wild, haha…Have a great week-end Jennifer. I am considering the mug thing, but Mondays are usually not mornings I can mess with things on here. But I DO have some stories, haha. Jennifer's blog has been great this week huh? You will never know how much I want to try those bread sticks, but I don't dare. I did send the recipe to my daughter and she said she might give them a whirl too. What I need is someone near me to make them so I could just have a couple of bites of one, haha…I am soo tired of watching what I eat…such a struggle…

  2. Morning Jenn,
    Love your new busy bee look, so cute!
    Glad to know the whole squadron was cancelled for deployment, and that it had nothing to do with Jason physically or mentally! always good to know!!
    You are a riot!! That is something they just remove their wisdom teeth, course, at his age they could start to give him trouble,
    those decision are probably based
    on past history with it or something. Let's hope so anyway!!
    Cute post and cute new look.
    Have a delightfully wonderful weekend my dear,
    Blessings Galore, Nellie
    Thanks for coming by last evening.
    Always love hearing from you.

  3. How wonderful for you and a little unsure for your son.

    My hubby, who is in the army and in Afghanistan now, had a very small hernia and the army insisted on him having it removed almost 2 years ago. We never even noticed it. The surgeon said he would never have operated on one so small, BUT the army insisted because a hernia could rupture at any size and if he was overseas would need to be in surgery within 3 hours or could die.

    I guess the same could be said about wisdom teeth, they do cause pain when they act up and who knows what that pain would do to a young soldier in the middle of a war.

    Hope you enjoy your weekend! I'm going to look at that recipe now!

  4. oh my gosh, i can't believe they would pull his wisdom teeth- just because! if they aren't bothering him, there's no need. yikes! you're right about the appendix, spleen, etc. scary!

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