Its Been Good but Not Pretty

I did a little (ok, rather loud) hurray!! today….because its fall and, for me, fall means tights!!  I suppose I should have said something a bit more exciting – like, pumpkin lattes!! (which I did have this morning…oh yum!) – but I just do get excited when I can wear my tights again.  Yes, tights are comfy and tights are super cute but, mostly, tights cover my ghostly white legs.  Indeed.  I have people tell me often (not doubt to try and ease my pain) that “pale is in”….then I suppose I am IN –and “in like flynn” – but, in or not, I look pale and sickly.  And when I go to the store for work, I wear a black skirt.  Black skirt. Ice white legs.  Not pretty.  So, hurray for tights! And just for the record…it has been raining all day.  And when it is not raining, it is beyond humid.  And I ran out of hair product.  Like I said, not pretty.  (Tonight, I am just letting the curls run amuck!) However not pretty the week has been for me, it has been a good week.  We are in the middle of our missions conference at church – definitely one of the highlights of the year.  The sermons have been from Esther (for missions!) and have excellent.  After service each evening, there is fellowship in the gym and games for the kids.  The games center around the different countries represented by the missionaries and I am always amazed at the things they construct.  This year, among other things, there is a three story Japanese pagoda.  I, personally, am thrilled with the homemade cookies!  And, tomorrow night is the international dinner!  This conference always instructs, convicts, impresses but also energizes and excites me.  As overwhelming as it is to think of millions around the world who have never heard the gospel…and to truly contemplate the task before us – it is amazing, and even awing, to think that Christ would allow me to have a part in His plan. Looking forward to a great weekend.  And just so you know.  If you ever want to insert a picture of tights for visual interest on your blog, don’t bother to google “cute tights” or anything remotely similar.  There are some weird people on the the internet.  Just fyi.

8 thoughts on “Its Been Good but Not Pretty

  1. Oh I can so relate! I often say my legs look like the skin of your Thanksgiving turkey BEFORE you cook it! But I refuse to bear my legs! I will wear pantyhose in a light black color because I only wear black skirts. Or if the skirt is long enough, I'll go without knowing no one will see my legs. But I'm happy also because I have a funeral to go tomorrow and I am also wearing my pretty heavy tights!!! Enjoy!

  2. I can honestly say I have never won tights….or not since I was a young girl and wore them to school, haha. I LOVE LOVE the way they look, but I never wear a skirt…don't even own one. How funny huh? Everything in California (in my world anyway) is soo casual I guess. Your conference sounds wonderful! Have a good week-end my friend! HUGS

  3. Glad things are "good" with you! When I was about to graduate from HS, a friend came by to bring me a gift. I walked out the front door to meet her in my shorts and t-shiirt. The first thing out of her mouth was,"Were those white hose a gift?" Funny girl!

  4. lol. Thanks for the heads up to not look up images of people in tights. 🙂 Too funny.

    And I am SO thrilled about fall, too. Not so much for tights, though. I love to put my girls in cute tights, but me…well, I love fall for the pumpkin lattes. And pumpkin scented candles. And pumpkin bread. 🙂

    Thanks so much for taking the time to leave me a comment at my blog. Praying the truth of His unconditional love will sink in deep, deep, deep for both of us. 🙂


  5. I had to come and leave you a comment on my recent post on tomato salad. I only like Home-Grown tomatoes. I can't stomach the ones you buy in the grocery store! So I only eat them when I can grow them or get them from a neighbor! So don't worry, we still have a lot in common!

  6. I was in town today for some shopping and I saw all the figured tights available now. Lacey is not for me; plain I enjoy. I suppose my age has something to do with my opinion on this.
    Glad your conference is going well.

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