Junior Crusaders

Thankful Thursday…and today I am so thankful for my class of Junior Crusaders that I could just giggle – because they always giggle….which makes me giggle! For the past 18 years (or so), I have had the blessing of teaching one of our children’s classes that meet during our mid-week service at church. We call them Junior Crusaders and I teach the youngest ones…..2 1/2 to 5 year olds. (Yes, it’s a pretty big age span which only keeps things more interesting!) I can’t tell you what a joy they are to my heart. They are always excited, eager to sing – with enthusiasm – and never cease to amaze me how much they can learn so quickly! And they tell the best “stories”…..you never really know what they might say!

There have been weeks that I have felt physically drained. There have been weeks I have been emotionally depleted. And, I must confess, there have been weeks that my attitude was anything but worthy of teaching little ones about the love of Jesus. However, after our short class, I am encouraged, refreshed and blessed.

Last night, we had a small harvest party. There is just nothing better than nineteen three- and four-year olds with cupcakes, candy and grape drink! What a sugar rush!! And lots of smiles and giggles!! I so thank the Lord for allowing me to be a part of this ministry at our church….and for each precious one that has come through my class.

3 thoughts on “Junior Crusaders

  1. I just love it when these little ones come into my candy store. They are just so cute. I haven’t had the pleasure of working directly with them, but I bet it is really fun. I have a 6 yr old grandson and I know what you mean about the “stories”. Let’s just say he has a vivid imagination! haha

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