A Different Scan

Last night, we are all in the kitchen getting dinner on the table when my sweet daughter notices an appointment reminder on the fridge that says PET/CT scan…Thursday at 12:30. She begins to stress/panic and asks me what wrong with the dog??? Why is Rascal having a CT scan?? Oh, Honey. The PET scan is for me….and has nothing to do with pets – more about the type of technology used for imaging my lovely insides!

So..I’m not raising rocket scientists (thankfully, oldest daughter married one…) but I do have a scan tomorrow and would appreciate your prayers. This is a routine – if anything is truly “routine” – scan done every four-six months to check my lymphoma.

I have noticed while browsing blogland….there are many prayer requests among friends – many that are very serious. What a privilege it is to “bear one another’s burdens” in prayer!

I’ve also noticed the weather is really goofy. In the last couple days, there has been snow directly to our north…to the west..and even directly to the south – in North Carolina!! but we saw not a flake! Not that I’m really sad but it was strange. And could it be any colder??!! When you think temperatures in the 30s are, “hey, not so bad!!” that is NOT a good thing!

If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind? – Percy Bysshe Shelley

7 thoughts on “A Different Scan

  1. Hi Jennifer…

    I will most definitely be keeping you close in my prayers. I’m praying for good results! Keep the faith!

    We have temps around 19 degrees right now and I’m freezing! I would like to see a little snow, but I am not a cold weather kind of gal!

  2. i’ll keep you in my prayers for tomorrow as well! the weather has been really strange here too. we did get snow monday but that was it. speaking of cold weather, on friday it was around 8 degrees if i remember correctly and on saturday it was 15 degrees and it felt balmy outside, LOL.

  3. That was a funny story.. but not a fun thing coming up. I’ll be praying that all goes according to His plan, and that YOU are perfectly at peace in His will. He loves you SO much, and I think He sends each of us your way to make SURE that you’re wrapped in that blanket of love tomorrow. Praying..

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