Winter Thanks

Quick update and additon for Thankful Thursday – my scan went well today. There was only one glass of barium to drink – instead of the usual two – and it went down as smooth as milk….okay, like sour milk but, at least, I finished it!! No results until next week but I so appreciate everyone’s kind comments and prayers.

Thankful Thursday…and in a continuing effort to weaken my grumblings about winter, I will be grateful. During these bitter cold months, I am grateful for:

***wood burning fireplaces – with gas logs becoming more and more popular, the real deals, when you find one, are so nice! Oh, and especially,

***sitting next to the super large fireplace at Cracker Barrel – while having lunch with my hubbie!

***my new Keurig coffee maker (a Christmas gift) and making my own lattes at home

***those “extra 15 minutes” in the morning – when you’re really awake but can’t open your eyes – snuggled in flannel sheets!


***cozy, winter sweaters…..however, why is it that everyone tells me winter clothes are better because they hide more?? My bulky winter clothes just make me look…well, bulkier!

***comfort foods – like Hubbie’s all-time favorite..shepherd’s pie!! If it all goes together on the plate, he’s lovin’ it!

***our new Wii game….I am really (REALLY) bad but its so much fun and since its so cold, we can “play” inside – in front of the tv even! – much more guilt-free! Who would have ever thought I would be thankful for anything remotely “video game” related? But I really like it. Maybe I’ll go play a little tennis…….

14 thoughts on “Winter Thanks

  1. What a great way to keep it all in perspective. You can’t beat the fireplace, or the food, at Cracker Barrel! I’m so craving their Chicken~n~Dumplings right now!

  2. Everyone keeps telling me to get a Wii… I guess I’m gonna have to break down and do it soon. And the picture you just painted of Cracker Barrel makes me want to call a friend and meet up there.. I just might do that tomorrow! It’s warming up a little here in Georgia, and I hope it is for you, too…

  3. I wish we had a Cracker Barrel 🙁 The closest one to us is over an hour away! Thanks for your list of winter thanks. It helps me remember to be thankful for EVERYTHING not just what makes me happy!!

  4. Great list! I love my extra 15 minutes in the morning too, but with me in my flannel pjs instead! lol! I was telling hubby that we’re totally behind as everyone in blogland has a Wii game except for us.

    Happy Thursday!

  5. Another great post!

    Thanks for the great reminders of fun winter things! Cracker Barrel sounds really great right now! I love their hashbrown casserole.

    Praying for you…

  6. cute list! i too can agree to many of your things to be thankful for. I just bought my first set of flannel sheets yesterday, washed them when i got home and put them on the bed. we slept like babies last night! who knew i would ever like flannel sheets! – i sure didn’t! i thought they would roast me since i’m always hot, but no, they just cuddled me, LOL.

  7. Great list! We have a wood burning fireplace and my husband loves to make fires. It sure does keep the house warm!

    Let us know about the scan..

  8. Now I want Cracker Barrel. And a fire. And flannel sheets. But no winter clothes. I wear them bc I have to, but give me some capri pants and flip flops anyday!

  9. Ok, I moved to Chesapeake so that I did not have to wear bulky clothes. But here I am, lows of 19 and no snow. Yes, we were to have snow on Tuesday but, no luck. I am thankful for the lovely weather we normally have. And yes it is great fun to play sports and use the Wii fit on the not so nice days. Jennifer, you did a great job reminding us that with a positive perspective you can brighten up even the gloomiest of days!!!

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