Lattes and Porch Rocking

Back in January, I (along with plenty of other bloggers) choose one word to begin the new year.  One word for a personal goal, a new year’s resolution or simply as a focus for the months ahead.  I have done this before but, not surprisingly, the word was more or less forgotten before spring flowers had even budded.  This year I have been much more determined to keep my word front and center…wanting it to have an impact throughout the entire year.  My word this year:  CHOOSE.

Every season.  Every month.  Every day.  There are choices to be made.  I want to choose wisely.  I want to make choices carefully and deliberately.  Some choices are simple and many choices have little consequence – for instance, which skirt should I wear today or do the red earrings or green ones look better with this outfit?  No doubt, these are important, but you get my idea:)  But I asked the Lord to help me make some more impactful choices this year.  Ones that would not only stretch me but would draw me closer to Him.  It seems a good time to look at some of those choices and how I am choosing so far.  There are several…so I am combining a few here and there.

I CHOOSE to be content and to be joyful.

“But let all those that put their trust in thee rejoice: let them ever shout for joy, because thou defendest them: let them also that love thy name be joyful in thee.”  Psalm 5:11

Christians should be happy people.  Those that love Him should be joyful.  This post is not about learning how to rejoice even during our trials or being able to grieve with hope and without despair – all of which are right and good – but I’m talking every day.  The ordinary days. The busyness and the routine – the ordinary – has a way of taking over, draining our joy and making us anything but happy people.  I can be so guilty of this.  Not grumpy or even angry – just joyless.
I’ve asked the Lord to nudge me when I’m simply going through the motions.  Singing to myself is on the of the quickest ways to lift my spirit and my countenance.  I sing.  I hum and I make my own my melodies.  How fun it would be to be a songwriter!!  But, I am not…but I still have fun with it!
One of the fastest ways to lose my joy in comparison.  I hesitate to mention this because it is a bit of a “buzzword” lately but it is the truth.  And it has been for ages – not just since the advent of social media (although that just gives us more for comparison).  Admiring the greener grass yonder and becoming discontent with our own yard always leaves us less than rejoicing.  I have determined to find contentment in the little things.
My empty-nest phase of life has given me extra time for little things and I want to enjoy – actually, savor – these things rather than simply reminisce about the times and things of days past.  A couple of the little things I am enjoying:
Lattes – or coffee, in general.  I am not a coffee addict, coffee obsessed, or “a girl running on coffee.”  I only sorta/kinda like coffee.  But I love mornings with my husband – and they begin with a cup of coffee.  We don’t have to get little ones ready or head out early to beat the commute, but are now able to enjoy the time when we first get up.  Often on the patio but not always.  But wherever, mornings are slow.  We enjoy chatting…or just being…and a hot cup of coffee.
I also enjoy lattes with my friends.  Times like this past weekend are not only a gift but are so refreshing.  I went away with some girlfriends.  Just to get away and relax.  Oh, and to shop.  These days I am able to go away with little planning and interruption to routines, etc.  It was not always that easy – and I appreciate it now.
Front porch rocking.  Maybe we are turning into two old people…but having most evenings unscheduled is becoming more and more of a blessing.  There is time to simply rock.  To enjoy our home, our little yard and so many of the other blessings that can be overlooked or even neglected when life is much more hectic.  There are certainly joys in abundance during the days of younger children, busy teenagers, and jam-packed calendars.  I love my memories of those days but I am learning – day by day – to be content with these days.  To embrace the blessings of this season and to be rejoicing in each new day.
What little blessing are you enjoying this week??

8 thoughts on “Lattes and Porch Rocking

  1. I always enjoy just getting to relax and snuggle under the covers on the coach with Morgan and watch movies together. I cherish it a little more right now since we are on the count down of it just being us two. But we are excited to start those blessing with Amelia too!

    1. Oh so true – it will be a whole new ballgame (new season, for sure!) once Amelia arrives. But such an exciting one!! Glad you and Morgan are soaking up these last couple weeks of "just the two of you!!"

  2. There was a year where my word was Content! There really is a season for everything, and being able to be content exactly where we are, letting the journey unfold on our life is such a blessing. Your front porch moments have me yearning for those too in a dreamy, contentment sort of way. And the blessings I have right now in my little home is the lessons in learning to fall in love exactly where I am.

  3. Jennifer what a sweet post. It sounds like you learned contentment in each phase of your mothering. There are days when I long for quiet mornings. But, I don't want to miss the moments while my boys are still at home. So, learning to/choosing to live in the moment is my mode right now.

    Little blessings–God's voice prompting me to talk with someone and beautiful sunrises. These have been blessings this week. 🙂

  4. Lattes and porch rocking sounds perfectly delightful. My little blessings are long walks and also the gift of coffee and conversation with friends. Blessed you shared this at #TellHisStory.

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