Thirteen Birthdays

This snapshot is of a framed photo in our family room.  It is years old and the quality is not excellent but it is a treasure.  The bottom photo captures our Tyler’s fun, silly personality.  The top one is Tyler and his friends celebrating his 13th birthday.  It was a fun night of pizza, laser tag, bowling and tons of laughs!  Little did we know, it would be the last birthday we celebrated with Tyler.  Thirteen birthdays was all we had with Tyler.

Next week we will mark twelve years it has been since Tyler went to Heaven.  Before I even realize, he will have been in Heaven longer than he shared life with us here.  At times, it is more than my thoughts – and my heart – can imagine.  However, this post is not necessarily about grief.  For your deepest valley might not include grief.  It might be something health-related, a dependency that enslaves you, a betrayal, heartache, disappointment or unfulfilled dream that crushes you beyond measure.  It might be finances, a wayward child or other hurting relationship.  Or it might one of a hundred other valleys that I know nothing about. 

Our trials will be different and our valleys might be different but God is always the same.  He promised we would never walk alone – no matter how dark the way.  He promised to uphold us, strengthen us, to hold our hand and to show us the way.  He bears our burdens, hears our cries and tenderly cares.  And He has faithfully kept all those promises these last twelve years – and more.  I know that He will do the same for you.

I have a few Bible reading prompts and study helps that I check each morning.  As if on cue, with this post on my heart, this “verse of the day” was on my tablet.

“But the Lord is faithful, who shall stablish you, and keep you from evil.”  II Thessalonians 3:3

He is faithful.  He continues to establish my feet and my goings.  And, by His help, the enemy is defeated and I am not consumed in my missing Tyler.  This FMF post is my chance to thank Him.

12 thoughts on “Thirteen Birthdays

  1. Thanks for sharing a picture of Tyler. I have a son in heaven also. He was eight when he passed on twenty nine years ago. And I can say with you that God is faithful. He walks with us and upholds us.

  2. Thank you for sharing part of Tyler's story. I'm sorry you had such a short time with him but I'm glad you have known God walking with you and helping you over the years as you grieve. It is a beautiful testimony to God's love and faithfulness.

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