Less Panic. More Prayer.

Less.  That is today’s Five Minute Friday prompt…and, although the exercise centers around the idea of freestyle and unedited writing, it is now well into the afternoon and I have been trying to edit my thoughts and ideas for hours.  But any topics, sentiments, or even opinions that come to mind when I consider “less,” on this particular Friday, seem trivial, unnecessary or even inconsiderate.

I considered not posting.  However, I would rather take these five minutes to encourage us.  To encourage myself, my readers and others in the FMF community….primarily Christian men and women.  Encourage us to worry less and pray more.  To be less focused on self-preservation and to look outward.  To be more aware of others – their needs, their fear or concerns, and perhaps how shutdowns might be impacting them.  To be less critical and more patient, encouraging and helpful.  To be more in God’s word and spend less time scouring more and more news reports and social media.

As Christians, now is the time to not only be more like Christ but to also share Christ more with a world that is scared, anxious and beginning to panic.  They are looking for answers.  Looking for hope. Our almighty God is the answer to that hope.  For peace and for comfort.  For healing.

3 thoughts on “Less Panic. More Prayer.

  1. “Be more in God’s word and spend less time scouring more and more news reports and social media.” Amen! That is the challenge nowadays – too easy to get sucked into scrolling through more and more discouraging reports.

    1. Oh, it is a challenge. What to read? How much to read? What to believe? We really need wisdom, don’t we? I hope you are having a peaceful week!! Thanks for stopping by, Jerralea.

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