Ten on the Tenth: All About Spring

This is another new link-up for me.  I’ve participated in several of these lately and have really been enjoying them.  Today is Ten on the Tenth, hosted by Leslie at Once Upon a Time & Happily Ever After.  This month’s questions are all about spring!  Count me in!  Not only are hints of spring popping up and budding everywhere around my neighborhood but the temperatures have been absolutely spring-like this week.  I know it is not uncommon for a stray burst of winter to blow through after we’ve had days like this – but I’m not even going to think that way.  However, you will hear me crying if it does!

But on with the questions.  The entire link-up can be found here.

1 – How did you celebrate Easter as a child?  Most often, we traveled to my grandma’s house in North Carolina.  One set of grandparents lived in Virginia – much closer to us – and we saw them more often.  Trips to North Carolina did not happen as often so they were a treat.  My three cousins also lived in Charlotte.  Yes, small family, and definitely fun times when we had the chance to get together.  Easter centered around church and food.  (Actually, just about all our family get-togethers centered around church….and the food!!)   No shortage of great Southern cooks!!

2 – Do you spring clean?  Absolutely!  Open the house, air things out and make it all shine.  Makes my heart happy:)

3 – What’s spring weather like where you live?  Warming temperatures – with brisk mornings that turn into glorious afternoons.  Bulbs blooming, birds returning and singing non-stop and the flowering trees just beginning to bud.  Spring is magical!

4 – How green is your thumb?  Huge sigh.  It is completely brown.  Not a smidge of brown – which is extra pitiful since I have an entire family history of gardeners, florists, and natural green thumbs.

5 – AC open or windows open?  In the spring??  Windows open!  We don’t have allergies but I really think, even if we did, we would have to open the windows.  We just love it!  The pollen gets to be obnoxious – but I’m up for the endless fight against it!

6 – How do you decorate for spring?  Bunnies!!  All the bunnies:)  I’m not sure it is exactly Easter decor but I do love the bunnies and they come out before Easter – and usually last for a while afterward – so I just make them count!

7 – How do get shorts/warm weather ready?  With as much self-tanner as I can.  Really just on my legs – but it just barely helps.  I am ghost-like and it takes more tanning lotion than I care to fool with to make my legs ready for warm weather.  Maxi skirts for the win!

8 – Is your closet arranged with just this season’s clothes?  For years I had to rotate my closet…packing all my out of season clothes in bins and storing them.  My closet now has room for everything and I consider it a dream!  I did, just yesterday, organize my closet a bit.  Purged a few things I did not wear all winter, straightened and shifted some of my warmest weather items to the back of the closet. Organizing is an obsession.

9 – What is your go-to spring uniform?  Maxi skirt, t-shirt, and flats.  And a summer cardigan always handy.  I do not like the feel of AC on my arms.

10 – What outdoor activities do you enjoy in spring? Walking.  Putzing in the yard and flower beds.  Planting containers and fixing the porch for spring.

We had friends go on vacation this week.  They headed north….and hoped to do some skiing.  Skiing??  I guess it is still winter in many places.  I will enjoy my Virginia spring:)  Whatever your weather, I hope you are enjoying these days leading up to the official start of spring!!

12 thoughts on “Ten on the Tenth: All About Spring

    1. Yes, that question took me down memory lane. There are so many sweet and wonderful memories….I need to “visit” them more often!:) Thanks for stopping by –

  1. Sweet Easter memories! We had family that lived in North Carolina and we tried to visit them almost every year but I’m pretty sure we went in summer.

  2. Thank you so much for joining me for this link up and series. My heart is full with all the blogger love over my hosting 10 on the 10th. So happy!!

    We are very much a like. No AC on my arms either, thank you. Or actually no AC blowing directly on me unless I am leaving the gym. At night, I don’t even like the ceiling fan blowing on me. But if it is on and we open the windows or balcony door, we can usually do away with AC. And I prefer that. I do have allergies but open the windows anyway! There’s always Flonase!

    I have not completely embraced maxi skirts but I think I will try to wear one once a week this summer. Have been trying to wear a dress once a week this year, usually to church. Might mix it up by incorporating maxi skirts in the rotation.

    Bunnies are among my favorites for spring decorations. So cute. My youngest daughter had real bunnies as pets for years. They had a bunny condo in our house, enjoyed romps in the backyard in the warm months and romps in the garage in the winter. They even moved to Houston with her when she married. Now my granddaughter loves bunnies, too. Stuffed ones, however.

    Yes, to all of the organizing and spring cleaning!! I so enjoy it. Almost to a fault. Because I will clean and organize instead of doing something crafty and fun. Call me crazy.

    1. Yes, I noticed all the similarities and shared interests in our 10 on the Tenth! Such fun. I really enjoy meeting “kindred spirits” in this blog world:)

  3. I’m a fan of maxi skirts now too, even in the winter! (With lots of warm socks then.) And even if you have a brown thumb, it sounds like you have a green heart, loving all of the of flowers around you! I think that is even more important. Spring is my favorite season of the year. Thanks for these uplifting thoughts and memories tonight.

    1. Oh thank you, Bettie. A green heart – even with a brown thumb! – I have never considered that but it sounds so much better!! Makes me smile…thanks! It is so pretty today…hoping to putz around with some flowers this afternoon!!

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