Lesson Learned: The Necklace

The necklace was, actually, just the beginning of the trouble.  And, no, it wasn’t this necklace but that was just too cute not to include!

I enjoy essential oils.  I have genuinely benefited from essential oils and I use them often.  I really like to diffuse them.  At Christmas, I received a diffuser necklace as a gift and I have really enjoyed one more way to use my oils regularly.

Apparently, I am also a true sucker for YouTube, Pinterest and the like.  No doubt, I should know better – much better – but I just seem to be “that girl.”  The one reorganizing my pantry, making my own taco seasoning and trying to decide if it really is possible to live with a 10-item wardrobe.  Not that I was necessarily unhappy with the state of my pantry to begin with – but, YouTube made me do it.  So, when I saw someone mention lava rock necklaces that can diffuse your essential oils….well, I was intrigued.  More than intrigued.  In fact, just a week later when I saw the cutest lava rock necklaces in a store while on vacation – I was first in line to buy my very own.  After paying, I stepped to the side of the register, pulled out an oil, applied it to the lava rock and excitedly hung it around my neck.

It was less than five minutes before several people got my attention to let me know my pretty colored lava beads were creating a oily, drippy rainbow down my neck – soon to be all over my white shirt. Thank you, friends.  I should have learned my lesson right then.  Again.  But, I didn’t let it go quite that quickly.

The cashier seemed genuinely concerned with such a faulty product but was helpless to really do anything to rectify the problem.  She directed me to the owner who was working in the back of the store.  Here is the real problem.  The entire time I was headed to the rear of the store, that “still small voice” was trying to get my attention.  But, I was not going to be rude or demanding.  I simply wanted her to know the situation.  So, I said inside.  Not only was she not concerned, she plainly told me it was not her problem.

And then, I was annoyed.  My friends were waiting for me at the front of the store, as was the cashier and several other very curious customers at this point.  I really needed to check my attitude.  I wanted to have the right response. Actually, I knew I should just say nothing.  Without question, I knew He wanted me to say nothing.

But, I did not.  I made comment that I had wasted my money.  It sounded innocent enough.  It seemed innocuous.  But I knew.  Knew I had failed to listen.  And, just that easy, my heart was grieved – over much more than a necklace.

I was able to “make things right” with the Holy Spirit.  I even saw one of the ladies in the store at a restaurant the next day and was able to apologize for my comment.  I’m sure she still doesn’t understand the need for that apology.  But for most, that was the only time I will ever encounter any of them.    Whatever my testimony.  Whatever impact I may or may not have made.  I had one chance – one opportunity.  And, I missed it.

I pray, this time, the lesson has been learned.

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