Life is Sweet

Hope everyone had a fun day yesterday – you and your special valentine!! My day was a lot of fun..especially with my party during the day – and with all my planning, we never really had a plan for the two of us last night. After the kitchen was clean and all was quiet, we thought about going out for some dinner but I made a few phone calls and the shortest wait we found was 70 minutes. Uh, no. So, I very sweetly made some highly romantic grilled cheese……we went all out!!

HA – but there were no complaints! There never are – I really am blessed. We did open some presents later in the evening…but let me mention the party a bit first. I tried some new recipes which were all a hit! I had oriental chicken salad that I found at Kris’ blog (Simplify on my sidebar)..for a light lunch. I did not want everyone filling up before the dessert bar – where we had sugar cookies, chocolate brownie bites, coconute cake bites, chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate chunk cranberry cookies (from Martha Stewart) and Death by Chocolate! Do you see a theme there?? No – not calories…but chocolate! Everything was so yummy. I wish I could say I pulled it all off by myself but my girlfriend came into town a day early just to help…and help she did!! She is a great cook and really fills in all the places I’m lacking:) Spending the time in the kitchen with her was as much fun as the party itself!! Great friends are amazing!!

I did the table all in red and white – and candies! And then totally forgot to take a single picture…but Valentines was definitely in the air:) We finished the afternoon off with a Valentine’s gift exchange and I came away with the CUTEST napkin rings for spring! It really was a fun day.

Later that evening, we exchanged some gifts at home. Our children spoiled us:) That huge red heart is for dad….from Jordan. Hubbie does LOVE his chocolate and everyone knows it – there is no such thing as too much chocolate for him. (Note to Jo….he LOVED it!!)

We also did some happy dancin’……the dogs get so excited over just about anything!!
Family…friends….funny dogs!! The only thing that could have my day any sweeter would have been able to see this little valentine – who really melts my heart!! Awww, Miss Riley:) We miss you!!

10 thoughts on “Life is Sweet

  1. What fun Jennifer!! I would love to do that. Maybe next year!~!~ Glad you liked the chicken salad. Your after lunch goodies sounded amazing!!! YUM!!! Fun time!!

  2. Awe Jen! I was reading your blog and got to the part that said, "The only thing that could have made my day sweeter.." and then I saw a picture of Riley. Well that did it! It totally brought tears to my eyes! I miss you guys SO much and just get sad thinking about how FAR AWAY you guys are distance wise and how LONG it's been since I've seen you! Boo.

    And let me tell you, I could probably really start crying if I really thought about it! I have been SUPER emo lately and have cried at everything…happy things, silly things, sad things, you name it! I try to tell myself that I'm being so ridiculous but it doesn't seem to stop the tears from coming!

    Case in point…I was watching this Disney cartoon movie with Riley the other day called, "Happy Feet" and throughout the movie, the penguins have no fish and are starving! Well then at the end, the boy and girl penguin fall in love and are kissing under the ocean and then the floodgates open and all these fish swim through them! Well that just DID IT. I totally started crying cause it was so super sweet and just melted my heart! I had to walk out so Riley wouldn't see how silly her momma was/is! 🙂 I will be glad when these huge bouts of emotions go away and I stop crying at how adorable or sweet something is! Hee-hee 🙂

    Just LOVE the adorable pic of Riley and the border around it! You are so creative with this blogging stuff! Will have to have you help me change my background again come spring…maybe something springy or summery. We'll see.

    Love ya Jen!


  3. Oh Jennifer this sounds like SUCH a fun way to celebrate. What a wonderful idea. And the food sounds perfect. Even the grilled cheese sounds good actually, haha…What a GOOD pic of your hubby, and the one of Riley is adorable. The new blog look is great too. In fact, everything about this whole visit maDE me smile! HUGS

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