Another one of these quick posts before going to work (which apparently does not work too well for me if you notice all the errors in yesterday’s posts – makes the editor in me completely shudder and panic)….but I saw this photo this morning on the internet – and just had to grab it!!

This beauty -whether it be male or female, who knows?? – is a komondorak, I believe…and totally makes me smile! Laugh, really:)

I thought of several cute sayings I could add to this post with this picture (beauty is in the eye of the beholder) and even some more meaningful comments about enjoying – even “strutting” – our own special uniqueness…or remembering that we were each created perfectly by our Heavenly Father.

But, then I just enjoyed the picture!! Have a great Wednesday, friends! (and do overlook all the typos…grr!)

6 Replies to “You Gotta Love It”

  1. Wow…can you imagine grooming that dog's coat? Looks like a walking mop!:) Yes…beauty is DEFINITELY in the eye of the beholder! Have a good one, Jennifer!

  2. That is one cute dog! I showed it to my oldest and she said he looked like a mop! Seeing a picture like this just makes me smile!

    Your Valentine Party menu sounded so yummy! I'm so glad that you had a good time!

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