Little Letters to Remember March


If you love words and language, and you simply enjoy writing…well, blogging is not only a natural “fit” but quickly becomes a passion.  So, when your computer is gone and you are unable to blog, or write or simply feels the keys under your fingers, it is a sad thing for sure.  And that was me last week.  Sad – and missing my time to blog.  But….all is well.  My computer is being cooperative and not a thing was lost! Just in time to look back at March – the very fickle month of March – in “letter style!”

Dear March – yes, I will start with you.  You tend to drive me crazy.  Yes, you came in like a lion!  The winds were fierce this year and we had one of the strongest wind storms that I remember in quite awhile.  So many homes damaged, folks impacted by power outages that lasted for days, and downed trees, in varying stages of being removed, can be found everywhere.  March, you give us hints of spring and then, just days later, bring us our only measurable snowfall of the year.  But, you do seem to be going out like a lamb!  With the windows open and the curtains blowing, how quickly we forget those nastier days earlier this month!

Dear daffodils and forsythia – I love you!  Your pops of yellow – faithfully pushing through even the snow – not only confirm that a new season is, indeed, coming but also remind me of God’s faithfulness, bring wonderful memories of my garden-loving dad to mind and, quite simply, just make my heart happy!!

Dear Tribute friends – It seems the plans for my weeks are beginning to revolve around my volunteer time at the Tribute.  Oh, I look forward to Tuesdays and Thursdays.  All of you make me laugh (every week!!), have so sharpened my UNO skills, and you have helped me refocus and appreciate the slower pace and simpler things of life.  You are special friends, indeed!

Dear back surgeon – the one who operated on our good friend, Tom – one half of our best “double date buddies!”  Thanks for fixing him up!  I really am grateful for skilled surgeons and good medical care.  Now, let’s get rid of that walker, my friend.  We have places to go, things to do, antiques to buy and new restaurants to discover!

Dear will power – hang in there!  Easter season is in full force.  You have helped me avoid many Cadbury egg displays but peanut butter eggs, coconut anything and (the oh- so tempting) dark chocolate bunnies seem to be everywhere!  Don’t fail me now….but you have your work cut out for you!

Dear crochet pros – you know who you are.  Your fingers flying.  Yarn effortlessly moving back and forth…creating the prettiest shawls and afghans.  You impress me.  You even inspire me but you also intimidate me.  A very sweet friend began teaching me to crochet this month.  I really want to work well with my hands – be productive during the quiet hours of the evening – but it does not come naturally for me.  Will I ever have a project so pretty?Goodness, will I ever get to the end of a project??  Thanks for all the encouragement this month!

Dear brother of mine – you are another one that never fails to impress. Honestly?  you rode a bike 100 miles in three days in the Southeast Asian humidity.  How can we be related??   I am so grateful for our time together this month….the chance to hear about your trip to Viet Nam.  To learn more about your fundraising and your heart to help.  I love your passion – and can you please teach me how to take such beautiful pictures!?

Dear Thai food – you were “an experiment” in my kitchen this month and you did not disappoint!  Oh my.  You just might be my new obsession.

Dear Spring – come on in…and stay awhile! A good, long while!!

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