Looking Back and Looking Ahead

Looking back over the weekend:
We had another first at church – no, no one got ill this time…thank goodness. We had a special meeting entitled “Helping Hurting People” with John Bishop, a man with an incredible testimony and founder of the God is So Good ministries. His testimony is not only one of tremendous physical healing after meningitis almost killed him fourteen years ago but an amazing story of how God uses even the deepest trials in our lives for His glory – Mr. Bishop (and his wife) are living examples of what God can do if we will allow Him. To say it was a blessing to me would really be an understatement. His testimony really was amazing. You can learn about it here.

Some statements I will remember from this weekend:
“Happiness, according to the Bible, is knowing God’s word and doing it.” He is the author of a series of encouraging booklets called the Happy Series…and explained that happiness is not about happenings or happenstance.
“Are you gonna miss “that one” because you are mad at “this one”??” Referring to eternity.
“What God put in my life, He had a purpose for it.” He explained that remembering God has a purpose can give us the motive to do what we do. And, Mr. Bishops’ motto for the weekend – as well as his life –
“God is always good and God is always right.”

And looking forward to my week ahead:
I have a CT scan this week – just a routine check and to get ready for my last round of maintenance treatments for my lymphoma. Yep, last round! YIPPEE. I have some shopping to do for our upcoming Mother’s Day banquet. Oh, pity me…forced to do shopping. And then some house cleaning because that Miss Riley Roo arrives with her mommy on Thursday!! Then the real fun starts.
The weather is supposed to really nice. I hope we can spend a lot of time outside – PLAYING! Playing is pretty much what Riley does best right now:) The last time they were here, mounds of snow were everywhere but this is much more my kind of weather for having fun.
And this weekend, Erica and I are participating in a Race for the Cure for the brain tumor society. Ok, so one of us is “racing” (or running) and one of us is volunteering….I’ll let you decide that one. Of course, the only chance for rain I saw in the forecast was for race day!! Oh boy.

So – much to look forward to….but, first I have to get this scan over. And I really don’t like these scans – mainly because of the barium but I’ve complained about that enough before. I am fasting this morning and wanted to leave with a question. What do you know/believe/think about Biblical fasting…for spiritual reasons? I have always been intersted in this idea but I really don’t understand a lot about it. Do you have any books you’ve read on the subject? Do you fast yourself? Just curious….let me know, if you are willing to share.

6 thoughts on “Looking Back and Looking Ahead

  1. Good morning, Jennifer… What wise words you shared from Sunday! So true…

    I'll be praying for you as you prepare for the upcoming scan. It's too much to write everything here, but I do believe in Biblical fasting when the Lord calls us to that. It's such a special thing between the Lord and His child that the enemy wants to make it become legalistic and steal the joy of that special time together.

    Adrian Rogers, former pastor of Bellevue Baptist Church in Memphis TN had some good teaching on fasting. I wonder if you could google him/it and see what you come up with.

    Praying for you today…

  2. WOW…there was a lot in this post I wanted to comment on and I know I'll never remember it all, but I'll try. First, your message from Sunday sounds wonderful. I love it when you hear one that really gets into your spirit and lingers there. And then, I have been feeling like I am getting to know you and didn't know you suffered from lymphoma or really even much about it. (I will goggle it later) I will pray all goes well with the testing…I am having a mamo and an ultra sound on thursday. I have been having a little problem. I will admit I am a little nervous over the whole thing. I too would appreciate a prayer or two. Then, I am excited for you that Miss Riley is coming…YAY…glad the weather is cooperating. The race sounds like a wonderful thing to be involved in. And finally, yes I do believe in Biblical fasting. I have never done it, though both my hubby and my son have. I too would love to look into it a little more. OK, I think I covered it all, haha Have a wonderful day Jennifer. I am traveling down to San Diego today to babysit my 3 little grandbabies…should be fun, but no doubt a LONG day… = )

  3. What a blessing those meetings were! I was encouraged and helped, and I know many others were, too!

    I must admit that I have never fasted before…but I do think it could help get one's mind focused on the spiritual…

    Praying for you this week and for your scan.

    See you tomorrow night.

  4. Hi Jenn,
    Wow, I did not know you have Lymphoma. Am so sorry to hear that.
    How often do you have to get maintenance treatments??? Let me know so I can be praying for you hon.
    I have an interest in fasting too,
    but no one ever seems to tell you much about what to do. I think it can be fasting from things other than food tho, maybe from tv or blogging or crafting or whatever is something you like to do that you take an dedicate that time to spending it with the Lord in prayer and reading the word. I have heard it does you know good to fast from food for instance if you are gonna go to work and not be able to spend the time with God,
    the point is the extra time with the Lord in prayer and trying to hear his voice. That sums up what I know about it. which is not much.
    Have a beatiful week my friend, so glad to hear your daughter and Miss Roo are coming. I know you must be very excited to say the least.
    Blessings Galore Sweetie,

  5. I will certainly be praying for you and the scan. I agree with what Nellie said about fasting when you can spend the time alone with God. My experience,limited as it is, is that you are more alert and your mind is sharper when you fast from food for a short time. Without the distraction of eating, you can concentrate more on spiritual things. If you go to desiringgod.org and type fasting in the search space, there is a whole list of sermons, books and articles by John Piper on the subject. Don't know if you are familiar with him, but he is anointed by God to speak truth. I believe you could learn a lot from him.God bless you.

  6. I too enjoyed the services this past weekend. Quite an encouragement for me personally.
    praying for you with the scan and results, etc..
    i have fasted in the past and believe the Bible says that it is something that we can do. I have fasted when I was really struggling with something and needed to hear from God. It just was a time where I was giving up some earthly food for some spiritual food. I gave up one meal sometimes to pray and read God's Word. Other times i would give up food for the day. But, that depended on my health and situations. I will say that each time i did this, I got a blessing from God. It wasn't always an answer that was what I wanted, but I always felt like the Lord blessed me abundantly.

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