I hope this doesn’t expose too much of my weird side…but I stepped outside yesterday and it stunk!….and I loved it!! You see, our neighborhood association has a lawn service for all our common areas and the men had been busy all day – laying fresh mulch…and the aroma of…well, manure..filled the air. It stinks, no doubt. But, oh it so reminds me of my dad!

My dad – like his dad before him – was a gardener extraordinaire….not the lettuce and beans type gardener but the landscape type. His passion was working in the yard and he spent many an hour…mowing, planting, pruning, weeding, fertilizing, watering and whatever else one can do for hours on end in a yard! Honestly, his yards would rival any landscape spread on a Southern Living cover!!

Let me be quick to say…I did not really inherit this gene. But, although, my green thumb is anything but….I so appreciate the beauty of a manicured lawn and beautiful flower beds. Life (for Dad) went in very predictable cycles according to the yard work. Once the forsythia bloomed (which was just last week here), it was time for the fresh mulch. And that fresh manure aroma simply meant a good day’s work was done! Dad would be so pleased!

And, trust me…not far behind will be the blooming of the Bradford pears – a stinkin’ tree, for sure – but, oh so beautiful!! I can just imagine what Dad’s job is up there in Heaven – and I’m sure he is having himself a grand time.

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  1. When I was a little girl we lived in the city, my father owned a chicken farm in the country and would bring back chicken manure to fertilize our flowers. We were not the most popular house on the block for a few weeks!! Thanks for sharing your memories.

  2. what a sweet memory! i can’t say i enjoy that smell very much, but if i was you, then i would! lol. i think that made sense!
    happy friday and spring day to you!

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