THANKFUL THURSDAY….As promised, in honor of her birthday – some random thoughts and things about Emily (21 in fact!) that make me love her so!!

1 – My pregnancy and my delivery with her were a piece of cake – as much as being pregnant can be a piece of cake. Of course, she was my first and so I didn’t actually realize or appreciate this fact at the time – but, I so do now. In fact, things went so well (minus that pesky pre-term labor and complete bedrest), I couldn’t wait to be pregnant again! Mercy.

2 – She is a true to the core animal lover! She loves ’em all but especially dogs…and especially one overgrown pup named Baby Bailey (the word Baby here used VERY loosely!)

3 – She has the movie Enchanted completely memorized and can quote it along with the you watch it for the 1000th time. Is this really necessary?

4 – She is seriously directionally challenged. Seriously. When giving directions in the car, turns are not right or left but are “driver side” or “passenger side”!

5 – She can fix her hair in more ways than I can even dream up to do my hair – straight, curly, up, down, to the left or right or somewhere in between. When she was little, I would check books out of the library with step-by-steps to fix it in new ways – especially creative braids.

6 – The girl knows how to accessorize – and why does my every day jewelry always look like a million bucks on her??

7 – She totally rocks stilletos…and wears them all the time (and I do mean all the time)!

8 – She can not tell time – unless its digital..but that’s not really telling time, Em..that’s just reading numbers!

9 – She has a super sense of humor, and

10 – She makes me laugh (alot)..which is a good thing.

11 – She is so much like her Mimi that it is sometimes scary:)

12 – She is a true “grazer” when it comes to eating – and eats everything out of the box…including all my cereal!

13 – She is a vegetarian but she does makes a mean pan of brownies….and some pretty tasty pasta. After that….well, I don’t know! ha ha

14 – She is such a better driver than when she started. I suppose all of us are – but, when she started, she was bad and I am not exaggerating! She had an accident just a week or so after driving on her own (what were we thinking) and hit the one and only car parked in a large parking lot. Were you aiming for it??

15 – She likes decorating – yeah! This is a new passion and we have so much fun with it together. Her new house is really super cute and I’m so proud of all she and her new hubbie have done with it.

16 – She is a bit of a dare-devil – LOVES rollercoasters and other things that involve heights. She wants to try bungy jumping. Are you kidding me??

17 – Road trips with her are never boring. Long but never boring – mainly because we have to make a pit stop every 20 minutes (not kidding).

18 – She tends to be sarcastic – no really, you do. 🙂

19 – Growing up, she was never really athletic but she has recently gotten into running and I’m impressed! Of course, she just found out she has arthritis in her knee but she does her best. Who has arthritis at 21?

20 – She is a survivor and an over-comer! She has a sweet life but has also faced a lot of difficult things…things that are hard for folks much older and wiser than she…but she is continually growing, maturing and becoming a beautiful woman. She makes my heart happy!

and 21 – she will hate this picture (ha), but….it makes me laugh and just says so many things!! I love you, sweet girlie!!

3 Replies to “More than You Ever Wanted to Know About Em”

  1. what is this picture… i'm going to have to start going through your house throwing away everything that has horrible blog potential…

    most of those points i didn't think were too horrible. i am not ashamed to be 'directionally challenged' or not tell time! that's what happens when your math, english, science, and bible teacher are all the same person! 🙂

    AND i have the littlest baby 🙂

    love you mom! hope your party went well

  2. Hi Jennifer,
    Very nice post on your daughter,
    she sounds a lot like my daughter
    DeeAnna. Hope Emily has a delightful 21st birthday, cause she sounds like a delightful young woman!! Who has a wonderful Mom who loves her very much, and looks like a hubby that feels the same. What else could you ask for??
    Happy Birthday Emily!!
    Blessings from Nellie in Florida

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