A look back at my road trip with Jordan – through pictures. Granted we look travel weary…if not a bit goofy..in most of the pictures but I had such a good time, I want these pictures posted so I can remember such a special time. So, please indulge me.

All thumbs up and ready to hit the road……
We took turns with the driving – alternating as we entered each new state. Goodness, am I glad we were travelling last week…missing all the severe weather down south! Our weather was great and smooth sailing:)

Yes, Jo – it is YOUR car:) Cool!

This photo is for Dad – yes, he brushed his teeth:) About ten minutes after leaving, Hubbie calls with the inevitable list of things we forgot which always seems to include the toothbrush! This seems to be a given for our family (well, I remembered mine!) but thankfully, the hotel had complimentary ones. Guess we aren’t the only ones.

After several hundred miles and four states later……we cruised into Florida:)

We stopped at all the welcome centers – we always do! – but it is especially a must in Florida because they give you welcome orange juice. (This is something my dad instilled in me many, many years ago. And I have enjoyed many gratis cups of Florida OJ.)

Right outside of Panama City, we followed this car for several miles. Does anything seem wrong with this picture??? Perhaps we were a bit slap happy from road weariness…but I just thought this car was too funny (so much so, I snapped a photo!)

But, we finally made it!! Hooray:) (excuse the pedestrian crossing sign…..)
Now, THIS is my idea of a nice January evening. Yes, indeed.

Ok, I’ll confess – it was a bit nippy down by the beach…well, cold. And I did not have a coat but I had to be a good tourist and run down to the beach…snap pictures…and RAN back to the car. The place was deserted but the sunset was really pretty.

And just one more picture of my road trip buddy. You are goofy…and fun:) and you don’t snore – I will road trip with you anytime, Bud!! I do love me an airman!!

Jan. 2011 trip to Panama City

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