Home Again…..Home Again

Hello…hello! 2011 certainly took off with a bang – and left little time or opportunity for blogging but, ah:) for Monday mornings and settling back into the routine.

It has been awhile since I posted but life has been full of blessings – not the least of which, Jordan (my airman:), was home for three weeks!! There was none of that sense of urgency to do everything or get so much done before he has to leave again…but, instead just leisurely mornings, good days and plenty of fun times together.

Jordan was also able to catch up with several friends and went to a reunion party with his “dojo family” where he trained karate for many years. The dojo has since closed and it has been quite awhile since he had seen all those friends, as well as his sensei, and he really enjoyed the party.

While he was home, he spent a lot of time doing this……………………….

as well as doing this……………………………

but, even more exciting, he bought (er, leased) his first car! That was fun for all of us. He now drives a super sporty little Mazda….and looks totally fly doing so, if I do say so myself! Of course, he had to get it back to Panama City (about 16 hours from here) and I really did not like the idea of him making that trip alone – remember, although he is 19, he is a new drive – so what is a mom to do?? Go with him!!
I am not much of car traveler myself but four full days with my boy – all to myself! – and count me in!! So, that explains where I was all last week. We took two days to get there and then had another two and half days together in Florida before I flew home. It was wonderful!! Such an unexpected blessing and what a great way to start my new year.
I do have some pictures to share from the trip. Jordan is such a good sport….posing “for the blog” – ha, I have him trained well:) But, I seem to be a bit behind with posting. Actually, I seem to be a bit behind with EVERYTHING (but thats ok). I never posted pictures of my Christmas tree and I want to have those…just for my own memory and reference. So, indulge me just a bit:)

Our Christmas tree has been burgundy and gold for a long time now. We are all ready for a change, so just to get us started this year, we added some silver. I really like the silver. And then we did a little after Christmas shopping and started on a whole new look for next year. I’m looking forward to the change but we have a whole lot of gold to get rid of???
Also, new this year was putting the tree in the dining room. Yep, the dining room. But it fit perfectly and we loved it there. You just never know, right??!

And this is what we have always affectionately called our Tyler Tree:) It is decorated with popcorn, cookie cutters and other kitchen/cooking things – Tyler’s passion!
In the past, we have always had this tree…well, in the kitchen. In the new home, this is absolutely no place to put it in the kitchen so it was in the foyer. Was not sure I would like it there but it was the first thing everyone saw when they came in the house and when they commented on it, I talked about Tyler – something I love to do!! He would definitley like this tree. My children always wanted their own trees – small ones in their rooms – when they were younger but it did not happen. I know Tyler would be pleased to have his own themed tree:)
And, so, a look back at our Christmas trees. Tomorrow – moving forward and catching up to the second week of January – already!! And there is snow in the forecast!! Hope your week is off to a good start:)
Christmas 2010

8 thoughts on “Home Again…..Home Again

  1. I am soo glad you got all that time with your son, and that he got to catch up with all his friends too. Soo important to a young guy. I did tell you haven't I that my oldest son owns his own karate dojo and studio? Our guys would probably have a lot in common. I love both of your trees, but especially Tylers. What a wonderful idea, and I think the perfect place to put it. Soo glad your back, I missed you! HUGS

  2. Welcome home!! I loved hearing about your visit and the pictures of your fine young man! The trip sounded like a great time together, love how he is also trained 'for the blog'! My boys grumble about it all the time, but I caught my oldest recently looking over all the pictures on my blog! The trees are both beautfiul and a beautiful way to cherish Tyler's memory and likes. Hope you have a great week!

  3. Hi Jenn,
    so good to see you post, have missed you, but sooo glad you had all that fun time with Jordan. How nice you had that drive together and got to go to Panama City. I am originally from the Panhandle, but from Pensacola, Fl. Sounds like a Wonderful time for both of you.
    Tylers Tree is very cute, and your other tree is beautiful too.
    I still have to take down my decorations, just haven't wanted to yet, but I am starting to get the bug now.
    You take care and have a great week,
    Love and Blessings, Nellie

  4. So glad to read that you had a great visit with Jordan…special memories were made, I'm sure. 🙂

    I love your beautiful trees, and what a wonderful way to honor Tyler…

    Enjoy the snow today. 🙂 Hey, thanks for the link to Kelli. I'm heading over there now.

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