Need I Say More?!?

Thankful Thursday…. Jordan made it home safely and right on time! And we made it to the airport on time, despite our ever-present traffic jams! Jordan looks fantastic – in such good shape and that blazing Texas heat did give him an awesome tan! 🙂

One of our “big plans” for the week is getting him a driver’s license – after I teach him to drive, of course! Should make for some awesome mother/son moments!!

Home Again!!

And Happy About It!!

13 thoughts on “Need I Say More?!?

  1. Jordan is a handsome young man! How old is he? I hate my kids to drive – makes me so nervous. Kyle does most of it and I get in the car with them when they're already good at it. hee hee Abigail is learning right now and is probably to the "good" stage now.

    Have a blessed day friend.

  2. Jennifer~
    So happy for you to have that boy home! But I am sorry you have to teach him to drive! Yikes!
    I remember when our girls took Drivers Ed. in school and we had to 'practice'!!! Something mothers should not be required to do!
    At least one of you will enjoy that time! :~P

  3. An airman who doesn't drive? Wow … have fun, mom. As for me, I refuse to ride with my young adult sons anymore. I mean that. I just say lots of prayers on their behal. I mean that too.

    Handsome young man. Enjoy every minute you share with him this week.


  4. First of all, cutest picture of dad and jordan ever.

    Second, Mother/Son moments? I was there, so I'm pretty sure the only moment you'll be sharing are the bouts of extreme nauseous and whiplash. Have fun with that!

    <3 you!

  5. Oh my.. am I ever a sucker for a man in uniform! He looks absolutely awesome, and strong, and handsome, and pretty much like what I hope MY son looks like when HE's all grown up! Hurray for home!

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