Needing Him to Provide Daily

“Just another Monday.”  I suppose all of us have had that thought – or a similar one – more than a few times.  A day with nothing out of the ordinary planned.  A day that is “a regular ole Thursday” or any day you find mundane.  One of the reasons I so enjoy Mondays (and there are many) is because I tend to leave them unscheduled.  I usually stay home and look forward to the routine and to the ordinariness of Monday.  I was reminded yesterday, through our neighbors, that I often take that for granted.

Their day began as a “regular” Monday but by early afternoon, they were at the ER with an emergency.  While they were there, one of their (very beloved) pups squeezed under the fence and was running frantic and terrified through the neighborhood.  Especially in the streets.  (That is not their pup above…but it could be!)  Several of us tried diligently to get him back home but, eventually, one of my neighbors had to leave the hospital in order to come and rescue the dog.  We were all quickly chatting, before she had to return to the hospital, when someone sighed, “you just never know what a day holds.”  So very true.

My pastor has recently been teaching through the Lord’s model prayer found in Luke 11.  Last Wednesday, the topic was “give us day by day our daily bread” and I was reminded just how much we take for granted.  Provisions, for sure, but so much more.  We assume – or take it for granted – that jobs, health, safety, relationships, etc and etc will be just as we expect each day.  It is easy to forget to pray for those things but the need is great to do so.  To pray daily…never assuming that yesterday’s blessings will continue today.

As well, we need to pray daily that God will give us what we need….for each day.  The emotional strength, the wisdom, the discernment, the patience, the physical ability, and anything needed in order to adequately and properly handle whatever we might face today.  Forgetting to do so is tragic.  Certainly, God hears our desperate pleas when we encounter the unexpected, but how much better to also be prayerfully prepared beforehand!

Luke 11:3 “Give us day by day our daily bread.” 

Each day.  Every morning.  We need to ask for Him to provide.  To meet our needs.  Never taking for granted otherwise.  I have not seen the neighbors today.  I don’t how things went last night but they need prayer…..if you think of it.

6 thoughts on “Needing Him to Provide Daily

  1. Jennifer, hi! Just like you, I love Mondays … or any other days … that are completely unscheduled! I breathe deep, I take my time, I rest and explore and read and all those good things.

    We were made for this. Sabbath rest!

    1. Hooray for all the Monday lovers:) And, yes we were…made for this…to enjoy all His good and gracious gifts!

  2. Jennifer,
    I’m a morning person as well! So true you just never know what a day will hold. One thing I know for sure – I need to spend time in His word so if my day goes “off the rails” I have the strength I need in order to make it through!
    Bev xx

    1. Bev, so glad you stopped by today…and took the time to comment! Thanks! I hear ya about those days that go “off the rails”!! So glad I don’t go it alone! Hope you have a blessed and joy-filled week!!

  3. Your poor friends. When it rains, it pours. I love Mondays. Same as you, I try to leave them open and like to be home to start the week. I don’t do my devotional time on the weekends so I am glad to get back to it on Mondays. You are right, nothing in this world is a given. We need to remember to pray for our daily bread, our relationships every single day.

  4. Jennifer, so so true. Give us this day our daily bread indeed. We sure need God as our daily bread, and he provides for sure. We need prayer, and so do those we do not know. I’ve recently began saying a prayer for someone I don’t know. Something such as ” Father God, someone is on my heart. I don’t know them, or where in the world they live, or what their needs are, but you do.” Then I go on. Thank you for your words today Jennifer, they truly are a blessing. Blessings.

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