Share Four Somethings: March 2021

Just as I predicted in last month’s Share Four Somethings, it is hard to believe Easter is just around the corner and spring has finally arrived.  In all her glory, I might add.  The forsythia, the cherry trees, the Redbuds – oh, and the sweet daffodils – are all beautiful!  And my favorites – the Bradford Pears – are just about to burst into bloom!  It is just the prettiest time of year!!. Last month I was moaning (whining, if I am truthful) about the never-ending winter.  But, as always, it does end.  Spring really does remember to come.  And my heart is oh so happy!

Let’s move right along with Share Four Somethings for March……

Something Loved.  Having typed that first paragraph, I would say the weather.  I would shout spring!!  But didn’t I say much the same thing last month?  I can’t seem to help myself.  I love the windows open.  I love freshly mulched flower beds.  I love that our friend, who has a truck, offered to take my husband to Lowe’s in order to get the mulch.  (We usually make multiple trips with our vehicle).  I have loved working with the Junior Church crew on a small program for Easter.  I am loving the idea of having a sunrise service in addition to our regular service next week – with breakfast in between.  Should be quite the Easter treat….but I hope the kiddos aren’t falling asleep once it is time for us to sing:)   I also “love” Easter and all that it means to me as a Christian!!

A couple of other things I have enjoyed, or “loved,” lately:  we had friends over two different weekends this month.  It seems so long since we have done that but something so simple is so much enjoyed!  We also found a new-to-us Thai restaurant.  Yes!  Thai food is my favorite but none of the ones in our area are open for eating in….but we found one.  And it is our new favorite!!

Something Read.  It is no secret that I am not a reader.  Sad but true.  But I have been working my way through a few books this month.  I have not completely finished any of them but have read enough to, at least, recommend two of them.  (I really need to get better at this.)  The first is Becoming Elisabeth Elliot by Ellen Vaughn – obviously a biography.  It has been around a while but you have not yet read it, this book is just as inspiring, and interesting, as you would expect.  The second is 7 Steps to Get Off Sugar and Carbohydrates by Susan U. Neal.  Very practical, helpful, and encouraging in a search for healthier eating and a healthier lifestyle in general.  Highly recommend both.

Something Treasured. Just yesterday, we had lunch with my uncle and his wife.  They were on their way to the Greenbrier for a long weekend and made the extra effort to come my way first.  I have not seen them in (roughly) fifteen years – which seems simply hard to believe.  It was the nicest, sweetest four hours I have enjoyed in quite a while!!  My uncle is 85….surely, we cannot wait another 15 years between visits but I really do not know when we will be together again.  We have the best of intentions, of course, but time does slip by.  I am just so very grateful for this afternoon.  I will treasure yesterday afternoon for a long time!!

Something Ahead. April is a birthday month for us.  Several family birthdays – including mine –  and friend birthdays as well.  Looking forward to celebrating “a bit more normal” this year!  Well, whatever normal is anymore:)  I usually do not enjoy celebrating my birthday but, for some reason, I am looking forward to it this year.  It’s about a month away so, we will see.  I could easily change my mind!!

If there is something you have been putting off – or someone you have been wanting to see – make the effort.  Creat the opportunity (rather than simply waiting for it to happen) and then seize it!!  Take it from me – you will treasure it!!  Happy Spring:)

12 thoughts on “Share Four Somethings: March 2021

  1. Yes April is such a good month, so many reasons to celebrate. I join you in loving spring – although it has not really arrived here yet! And I am looking forward to Easter, although we are not meeting ‘live’ yet… April is also a birthday and anniversary month, so many blessings!

  2. 85 and traveling enough to stop and see you…your uncle is my hero.

    I love him already.

    Lovely pictures of flowers in my head as you explain the springing of a new season.

  3. Happy future birthday! I’m glad that you were able to see your uncle after all this time. I’m glad that this year will involve more possibility of connection with long-distance family.

  4. I love the spring weather too! I’m so glad you had that treasured time with your uncle, and I hope you enjoy your birthday! Mine is in May and I’m not usually bothered about celebrating but after completely missing out last year I’m looking forward to it a lot more this year.

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