Nine Things I’d Like to Do

I don’t tend to have a bucket list.  If I even have a to-do list, I try my best to keep it very general.  Otherwise, I can way too quickly become a slave to my list.  If you read my previous post, that is not a surprise and explains my thinking.  Bucket list aside, I have nothing against dreams and goals.  Goals are good.  They help to keep me focused and heading in the right direction.  Or, at least, headed somewhere:)

I came across a monthly linkup on this blog…a list of ten things.  This month was a list of ten things you would like to do…or, at least, try.  Truthfully, I had to think about that for a few minutes.  Too many minutes.  Maybe it is time to rethink some of my goals.  So, in no particular order whatsoever, here are ten things that I would love to do, accomplish or certainly give good effort toward.

Lead a Bible study.  I have, for years, wanted to host a group of women in my home.  To not only study the Bible but to encourage one another in their walk with the Lord.  It still is my heart’s desire.  Of course, there is that whole issue with my comfort zone.  (Again, previous post.)

Write a children’s book.  If God allows that to happen, I think I will consider my life a success:)

Develop the habit of exercise.  It really does not matter what kind of exercise or how long each day, etc.  I simply would like (extra) physical activity (ie, exercise) to be something that is normal, even routine, for me.  And not something viewed as punishment.

Take another missions trip.  Or two, or ten, or as many as God would possibly allow.  These are tremendous privileges and some of my greatest blessings and I pray that there will be more in my future.

Dye my hair a different color.  No, not crazy color.  But something other than brown.  Why?  for no other reason than it has been brown my whole life.  What would it look like as a different color??

Learn to make homemade bread. Yeast and I never seem to work well together.  Yeast defeats me every time.  I really think if I could master this skill, I would be a bread-baking machine!  Loaf bread, rolls of all shapes and sizes.  And cinnamon rolls!!  Oh my.

Learn a foreign language.  This goes hand in hand with missions trips (being prepared) and missions.  I truly do want to myself ready to more able to help on the mission field.  Of course, there is not a single day, here at home, that I do not come across someone who speaks something other than English as their first language.  Learning a second language would be such a wise use of my time and energy….but would challenge this “old dog with new tricks” to be sure!

Memorize a chapter of the Bible.  I work at learning single verses at a time.  And, yes, it takes work – and effort.  I have memorized a few passages but have never committed to memory an entire chapter.  But I would like to do so.

Live somewhere other than Virginia.  Just because.  For the adventure.  For the change.  For less traffic (just keeping it real)!

So, that is nine.  Nine goals.  Dreams.  Or things that make my heart flutter.  I had to (seriously) think to articulate those nine and I think the last few are more matters of the heart.  Things tucked away in my heart and in my prayers.  But I will leave them there.  I will end with nine:)

What is one thing that you would like to do or try?  Something simple.  Something fun.  Perhaps something more of a challenge or maybe even something that God will have to do for you.  I would love for you to share one thing that, as you think about it, makes your heart soar!!

4 thoughts on “Nine Things I’d Like to Do

  1. Fun post, Jennifer! I would like to publish novels. I’m working toward that, but it is a long, humbling, heart-searching process. And one that forces me to trust my Father.

    I also would love to grow in being more intentional in developing an exercise habit. Because . . . well, I know it would be good for me.

  2. You know I would be first in line to buy your book. I would love to be able to read Amelia a book from you!!

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