Not Another Whiney Post – Finally

MONDAY…..yeah, always a favorite!! And this one is especially nice:) Jordan is here!! That boy (yes, he is a man but always my boy!) just makes my heart happy! We spent the morning finishing my shopping. Done. Woo Hoo. We also have a tree now. All the presents that had to be mailed are gone – and some have even arrived already! Love it. We have a refrigerator full of food and even clean bathrooms. I would say things are shaping up rather nicely.

I continue to have side effects from the flu or virus or medicine or WHATEVER!! I have another appointment this week and hopefully can get some relief. But Chirstmas is almost here and we are ready!! I hope this week is a wonderful time of the year for all of you as well. And thanks so much for all the congratulations on our grandson:) Our daughter is thinking of including “Tyler” in his name – how precious is that!!

10 thoughts on “Not Another Whiney Post – Finally

  1. I'm just now getting back onto the computer after three or four weeks of not really blogging…a grandson~woo-hoo! What a precious way to honor Tyler…brought tears to my eyes.

    Sounds like all is going well with your Christmas preparations. Hope you have a blessed week! Give Jordan a hug for us.

  2. I am soo glad your boy is there and you are enjoying every moment. Yay to being all ready. Me too…just a few little ones to still wrap…How wonderful would that be to have Tyler part of the name…soo good. ENJOY this time with your son…HUGS, Debbie

  3. So glad "the boy" is home and that another boy is on the way!! You've already received some wonderful gifts! Hope you continue to recoup and have a blessed time with your family!

  4. So glad to hear things are coming together! Hope that you feel 100% soon. Enjoy your special time together and hope that you all have a Merry Christmas!

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