Happy Fall Weekend!!

October!! And it looks to be a beautiful weekend – after the ark-needy past few days! Just a few of the notes on my “things to do this weekend” list…..

**make this mix – found here! (love this blog!)

**homemade cookies (maybe something pumpkin…or applesauce) for Jordan…

and get them in the mail

**fall festival on Saturday – I LOVE this time of year..and these fairs:)

**finish putting out my pumpkin cuties

**shop for fall flowers – love the mums and pansies!

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4 thoughts on “Happy Fall Weekend!!

  1. Oh don't ya just love that it is OCT. and Fall already? You sound like you have the perfect week-end coming up. Pumpkin cookies sound great. Have you noticed the pumpkin shortage? My daughter couldn't find ANY at all in any of the stores near her. I have heard about it here in cali too but I haven't personally looked (plan to this week-end) Too many pumpkin recipes coming up to have a shortage, haha. It is thundering and lightening here this morning. Soo weird for us. Have a wonderful week-end Jennifer….HUGS, Deb

  2. It certainly feels like fall here. That recipe for the mix sounds delicious! I love sweet/salty snacks. I want to make some of that. And I love to do fall baking too… apple and pumpkin items are my favorite for fall. I am so busy trying to get my house back in order that I have not done much fall decorating, but I do have my huge mums on the porch and some pumpkin things out. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. I know Jordan will love some homemade cookies from Mom. Love & blessings from NC!

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