How do I know my Hubbie truly loves me?? Well – here’s one more way I will tuck away to remember….

Saturday night, we are coming home from our Sunday school Christmas party. We had a great time! I had taken some dip in the crock pot and had said pot sitting at my feet so Hubbie’s driving could not “accidentally” tip the pot over:) Getting out of the van, I awkwardly lifted my foot up over the crock pot, caught my heel in the hem of my skirt totally losing my balance and completely wiped out on the garage floor. It was not pretty – but I really was not concerned with my pride at that point because my wrist was KILLING me!! Oh my goodness – hurt!!

Good news – it is not broken! (I cannot fathom how much an actual broken bone must feel..never had one!) Bad news – at this point, it is useless!! I can do NOTHING with that wrist…and did I mention it, it is the right wrist and I am right-handed??? Frustrating does not begin to describe how I feel…

Anyways, back to my sweet Hubbie. Today, I am supposed to be attending an annual Christmas luncheon that a friend does every holiday. It is an amazing spread – all homemade dishes that she does completely solo – and something I look forward to each year. But I can barely dress myself…much less get my face on…and all hope was gone of fixing my hair. And do you know – that sweet man of mine – blew my hair dry AND flatironed it!! Can’t believe it myself. And it looks good enough to leave the house:) Too good to me, I’m tellin’ ya!

I’m off to that luncheon!!

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  1. Oh what a guy!! I would be terrified to let my husband take a flat iron to my hair though, haha…I am soo sorry this happened to you…I'll pray you recover quickly. Thank God it wasn't broken. I took a spill last week on the stairs….Not hurt, but soo jarring. My neck and back and wrist were jarred and landed on my poor knees. Just sore for a couple of days. I am just too old for these kind of things. ENJOY your luncheon..Blessings, Debbie

  2. You've got a great guy there!! I do too, but I think he would be a little lost with a flatiron:)

    Those falls can happen in a second and change your life for awhile, can't they?! Eleven years ago I slid on a little pebble on our entry way tile, landed very softly, but broke my ankle so badly it required surgery, and then no weight-bearing for 6 wks. Just like that! Two months home from work.
    Sooo glad yours wasn't broken-especially with all there is to do this time of year!
    Take care- praying for a quick recovery for you!

    Linda C

  3. wow, he did that?! that's so awesome! can he come do mine for me? i hate flat ironing my hair, lol. i can't do the back properly!
    so sorry about your wrist. i hope it heals quickly. so happy it's not broken!

  4. Bless your heart, Jodi! Sure hope your wrist heals real soon! That was definitely a very close call! You do have a "keeper" of a husband! How sweet of him to fix your hair for you AND to do a good job of it! Mine would end up looking like a squirrel's nest, I'm sure! LOL! Take good care of yourself!

  5. Our men are great aren't they? I had surgery and my husband is trying to wait on me "hand & foot". I love it. Even if he does not know where anything is and what to do with it – I love it!

  6. awww this is super cute!! dad used to fix my hair when i was little remember? is there a reason that you wouldn't fix my hair homie? I never thought about it that way 🙂

    ps. I'm commenting on this post because if you were wanting me to get on here and look at the Christmas in Heaven thing, not happenin!!! I'm sure it's beautiful, but not happenin

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