A Day Late – but Still Thankful

Yes, it is Friday but this is my “Thankful Thursday” post, as yesterday was fun – and special – for me. We (Hubbie and I) went to get our tree!! Seems rather ordinary but it was a big deal for me.

When the kids were young, going to get the tree was always an event. We drove out to our favorite Christmas tree farm and walked up and down all the rows in search of just the perfect one. After finding “it”…the boys helped their dad cut it down, which was totally cool for them. This tree farm also had a nice greenhouse where you could warm up, enjoy cider or hot chocolate and cookies and (the best) they always had baby rabbits to cuddle! It was an all day event that we always looked forward to!

After Tyler died, this was one tradition that we just could not seem to manage – especially Hubbie. He has not helped pick out a tree (not even really cared about the tree actually) for the last three years. Yesterday……it was his idea to go find a tree and his enthusiasm was high! We didn’t go to a farm but found a beautiful nursery that I could have spent hours browsing through – it was amazing!! We did find a perfect tree – and, this morning before he left for work…..he said we were decorating it tonight. Mind you, that was never his favorite part even when the kids were little. We’ll have fun, though. (And, after this weekend – all the preparations around the house will be done!! 🙂 )

7 thoughts on “A Day Late – but Still Thankful

  1. Hi Jennifer,
    That is so great that you two went to get a tree after all this time.
    Sounds like the Lord has done some healing in your hubby. How Wonderful, these things take time.
    Time heals all wounds, but sometimes it seems like it takes forever. Am so glad you got to share this together and were able to take this step forward.
    I am sure Tyler would be happy about that!
    Merry Christmas hon, to you and hubby,
    Blessings, Nellie

  2. Hi Jennifer and it's so nice to meet you! I've been reading a bit on your blog and after reading about your dear son, my heart is breaking for you and your family. I am glad to hear your husband decided to take you to get a tree. That's was a big step for him, I'm sure.
    Thank you so much for coming to see my home tour.
    Shelia 🙂

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