Old Enough to Enjoy A Nap

Definitely not as young as I used to be.  I catch both my husband and myself expressing this lament – while we moan, groan or sigh – a little too often.  While we do have our share of new aches or pains, most often we are sorely missing the strength and energy of our younger days.  Or even the energy of just a few years ago.  We simply run out of steam doing the simplest of chores.  Some activities are just not possible anymore.  Naps have, once again, become our friend.

My husband takes this in stride much better than I do.  He seems to have accepted it for what it is.  Getting older.  As with many things in this season of life, I struggle with these new realities.  But the truth is, despite whatever efforts I make, I am not going to be twenty-five again.  I will not have the (seemingly endless) energy to “get it all done on three hours of sleep and a cup of coffee”  that I had while raising my family. No doubt, I won’t ever have that waistline again either – but that is neither here nor there.

I am not as young as I used to be.  But that is okay.  I’ve read that the fall season of life begins somewhere around your late 50’s.  That makes me right on the edge.  Beginning of the fall season (of life) or ending summer??  I’m not sure.  Outside it is – without doubt – summer.  Hot.  Humid.  And more hot.  It just drains you. I love summer – I really do – but, about this time, I’m ready for a change.  A break in the relentless summer scorch would not only be welcomed but refreshing.  Almost reinvigorating…physically and mentally.

What a wonderful way to view this new season of life.  I may not be as young as I once was – but there is so much to embrace and enjoy about autumn.  With only five minutes for this FMF post, I will not begin listing them all; however, I read this quote recently, “Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go” and it is the perfect place to begin appreciating this next season!

I would love to know what you are enjoying/appreciating about the season of life you are in – perhaps an unanticipated delight.  Please let me know in the comments.  Also, you can view the other FMF posts for this week here.  Have a wonderful week.  I will try not to melt!:)


17 thoughts on “Old Enough to Enjoy A Nap

  1. Beautifully written- I resonate with the seasons of the year and our lives. (Autumn will always be my favorite!) Thanks for your words of blessing. ~Karen (FMF #7)

  2. I will not be young again,
    but neither will I age;
    I am illumned by cancer’s pen
    here on this fell page.
    No shared and gentle time for napping,
    Sunday afternoon;
    no soft waltzes, toes a-tapping
    in the living room.
    Instead I take this war most foul
    for my sordid mate,
    and in the night I hear the owl
    that knows and sees my fate:
    “Who-who, I’m sorry, but it’s true,
    it’s only you who sees this through.”

    1. No soft waltzes here either:) Praying you have a quiet week and weekend ahead! Thanks for coming by the blog!

  3. I babysat for my darling grands yesterday and came home exhausted. We have been pretty tired over here and in the back of mind, I am always worrying about the exhaustion I hear accompanies Covid. But I think our tiredness comes from worrying about this craziness in our world these days. Anyway, PC is not big on naps but fell asleep on the float in the pool last weekend. I was shocked. I came home yesterday and crawled into bed with a toothache and slept for several hours. More than a nap, I think. It was glorious. I think we have earned these naps.

    1. Hello friend –

      I would definitely say you earned a nice nap!! I hope there was no sunburn from sleeping in the pool. I’m a paranoid one with the sun!! How is your toothache? Hope it is better – they can be the worst! And that you are able to enjoy a lovely weekend! Thanks for stopping by!!

  4. I’m in the fall season of life as well, and am learning to enjoy and perhaps even look forward to having an empty nest. I’m at #12 on FMF

  5. Hey, Jennifer. I’m slowing down some now that I’m older, but I’ve never been able to take naps unless I’m sick. I guess I’m just wired that way. ~smile~ Have a blessed day! And a good nap!

    1. Hi Cindy –

      My husband takes a nap every single day of his life…and enjoys great health:) I just enjoy a nice Sunday afternoon nap. Soo nice!! So glad you stopped by!!

  6. Good morning, Jennifer!

    I love a good nap. It’s a delicious respite and I can’t think of a better way to recharge mid-day. Except maybe to take a long walk.

    And then a nap.


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