On Boots, Getting Lost in the Corn and Butter

Five for Friday….
that’s five random thoughts that have absolutely nothing to do with each other but just my thoughts for the week – which, in other words, could mean a glimpse inside my head….scary to be sure!!  Nevertheless, here goes:
1 – on the way home from work on Thursday evening, I was in the single worst storm I, personally, have ever witnessed!  It was insane.  The rain was so hard that I cannot even think of words to describe it.  The hail was pounded by car so hard it was completely deafening.  Add to that – out of control wind (yes, a few tornadoes touched down in our area), lightning, thunder….and it was so powerful, and so awe-striking – not to mention, just a bit terrifying!
Right before the hail started, a guy on his motorcycle passed me.  His motorcycle.  There really was no place for him to stop so I’m sure he was just trying to get home – or get anywhere! – but he had to be in pure misery.  I felt terrible for him.
On the other hand, earlier (on the way TO work)…it was not storming but it was rainy and nasty…and the lawn guy was cutting the grass in the next neighborhood.  Did not feel sorry for him – just thought he was a nut!
2 – as if Pumpkin Spice bagels alone did not completely excite my taste buds……I recently discovered this:

Have you tried this cinnamon butter?  DIVINE.  Just about anything you can imagine that tastes wonderful with butter…this would only make it most wonderful.  I can’t wait to put some on a fresh baked sweet potato.  Have mercy.
3 – Just one more thing to love about fall is all of the pumpkin patches, fall festivals and corn mazes.  I really miss the fun field trips to the pumpkin patch when my kiddos were little.  Corn mazes are not just kid fun, either!
But did you hear on the news (it made national news) about a lady and her two children that got lost in the corn maze – literally lost.  They called 9-1-1- to get out.  I’m sorry…but I could not help but laugh.  I’m sure they were panicked and it may have been getting dark so it was, maybe, two parts scary.  But, it was really just four parts funny.
Having been, many moons ago, a police dispatcher…I would have loved to have been the one who took that call.  Truly, I do.
4 – In fashion news, the “hot” thing for this fall and winter season is, supposedly, boots!  I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with boots.  I LOVE the look of boots.  I LOVE all the boots I see on the cute models in magazines and ads.  I LOVE the idea of wearing a cute pair of boots (especially with my tights).  However, I HATE how boots look on my (huge) feet.  I HATE the way boots look on my legs.  I HATE the way boots hurt my feet – always.  And I HATE that boots do not immediately make me look cute and sassy like those models in the magazine.
Do you wear boots?  I promise, I won’t hate.
5 – These are my two sweeties….waiting in the doctor’s office.  Both were feeling under the weather – but are still just as cute as ever!!
at the doctor

7 thoughts on “On Boots, Getting Lost in the Corn and Butter

  1. This was a great post to read. Just you going on about things was a real cheerful way to start my morning! I would LOVE that butter!!!! Love, love, love it! But I will not buy it. I just can't. Because I would probably be spreading it on an apple or eating it by the teaspoon. The corn maze lady was really funny. I could just imagine how scary that was though! We went to one years ago and really did have a hard time coming out. Took us forever! But what were they doing in there with a 3 week old??? Glad you made it home safe from the storm! Enjoy your day!

  2. Random thoughts are sometimes the most entertaining. Enjoyed the news from your neck of the woods and I feel the same way about boots. I'll try the product, although I don't need any help with more food! 😀 Have a good weekend….

  3. Good morning! Oh I thoroughly enjoyed this! Now let's see…first, we hit a couple or those type storms on our drive's to Mel's. Sooo scary. One of them I was driving and I was terrified. Couldn't see hardly a things, NO WAY to pull over, and going along the road at about 60 afraid to slow down for fear someone would hit me from behind. They are kind of fun from the comfort of s house, but downright terrifying from the car…And then, oh my goodness…that butter. Oh, I can just taste it now. Your right, on a sweet potato…sure heaven. And then finally, the boots, haha…That is me exactly!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE boots and the way they look etc. However, I have NEVER found a pair of boots that were both comfy and looked decent on me. : ( Soo sad. Mel has countless pairs. She loves them and they look great on her. Sooo I buy cute pairs and give them to her. haha Darling pics of the grands…hope they feel well soon! OK, guess that's it for now. Have a wonderful week-end! HUGS

  4. Hi Jenn,
    I will have to look for that cinnamon butter, cause that is the brand we use, so hopefully, it too, will have no hydrogenated oils. Very excited about that…….cause we love cinnamon.
    I saw the thing about the people getting lost in the corn field but
    never got to read it, cause yahoo took it off too soon!! lol
    I guess it would be scary if it is
    getting dark, 40 yrs. ago when my
    hubby and I lived in Germany we were exploring and got stuck in mud
    on a road in the middle of a field,
    at first we were laughing and having fun taking pics of our feet with 3 inches of mud stuck to them,
    as we were trying to get the car unstuck and turned around but then the sun started going down and it started getting chillier,
    and you can freeze too death over there, and we were totally unprepared, so we were starting to get a wee bit worried, I was only 19, hubs was 23….. but out of no where this German husband and wife were walking and they helped us, and then pushed us, and we started to stop to say thank you, and they just waved us on. Know they had
    to be full of mud, bless their hearts. Never thought of it before but wonder if they might have been angels, cause they came really just showed up, and always thought it was just because we were so concentrated on getting the car out of the mud.
    Wow, that sounded like an awful storm, know you were happy to get home!! Poor guy on the motorcycle, bet he had a few bruises….that would be like getting stoned too death…wouldn't you think!!

    Thanks for coming by today and for your sweet prayers and well wishes for us and our daughter and new hubby. Today's the day at 4:30 or so…..they are gonna call us after, so we can congratulate them.

    Enjoyed your post, your mind really isn't scary to me, sounds a lot like mine!! lol

    Have a great weekend hon,
    Love ya, Nellie

  5. Those two are adorable!
    Yes, I've tried the butter and it is divine! Yes, I love boots but don't wear them too often in the deep south here.
    I did hear about that couple and heard the panic in their voices with a new baby in their arms. They were only 25 ft. from gettting out. Wow!

  6. I also enjoyed the randomness of your post! I haven't seen the cinnamon butter, but will be on the look out! Boots just don't seem to work for me either and I too, loved the picture of the babies! Hope they feel better soon. Have a great weekend.

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