I was reading a post over at the Pennington Point – where Lisa writes and a blog I really enjoy – and she had a post of Ten Things She Does Not Do.  Then I started to think of the ten things I do not do…and things actually started coming to my.  As in, thinking right on the spot, which is not usually the norm for me.  (Put my brain on the spot and it tends to go blank….as in I can’t even list the names and birth dates of my children)!  So, just for fun – and to capture my moment of instant thinking, I thought I would post my own little list of……
Ten Things I Do Not Do (in total random order):
1 – I do not eat tomatoes.  Yes, I know I have mentioned it already a time, or ten, but just for the record…..Blech!!  Lisa was nice enough to say if she is offered tomatoes (she doesn’t like them either….yeah there are two of us!) at someone’s home, she is polite enough to eat them.  Hmmm.  I very politely pass, “No thank you.”  I hope that counts.
2 – I do not go to the movies.  Just a personal conviction here against Hollywood garbage.  Yes, I suppose there are a couple (well, maybe one) “good” movies out there but, for me, it is best to just draw the line.  No movies.
3 – I do not eat fast food.  I know what you’re thinking…..that I LOVE (yes, love) Chick Fil-A.  But when I think of fast food, I think greasy! hamburgers (served with sugary sodas).  Yuck.  Since there is not a burger to be found in my favorite chicken spot – I feel totally justified in enjoying each and every visit to Chick Fil-A (and there are many!) and claiming my motto of “no fast food”!  I guess I make my own rules?!?
4 – I do not do Facebook.  We discussed this one just recently but it fits the list so I mention it again.
5 – I do not “do” bumper stickers.  No real conviction here –just something I learned from my dad.  He hated said stickers.  I never really knew why but he certainly passed his opinion on to me.  I’ll admit – most bumper stickers are simply rude.  Or dumb.  But, even if I could find a good one, I would give one minute’s thought to putting it on my car.  I know Dad would haunt me from the grave – literally.  Funny thing – my own kids now think the same.
6 – I do not shop at Walmart.  Probably best if I just keep going here….
7 – I do not like winter.  You will, no doubt, here that sentiment here again 20 or 30 times over the next coming months:(
8 – I do not leave the house without makeup.  This is not a boastful pride thing – I just try to look decent and in order when I go out of the house.  Actually, I wear some makeup even at home – its part of my routine just like washing my hair and brushing my teeth.  The “au naturelle” look on me is just plain scary – seriously, folks.  Sweet story here:  several years ago when I went through cancer the first time, at the end of my chemo treatments, I got sick.  Really sick.  In an attempt to avoid being hospitalized, I had to get up each morning and go into my doctor’s office for full days of monitoring and IV meds.  The hardest part of this plan was the getting up each morning!  My sweet daughter (who would have been about 15 at the time) would get up and do my makeup for me before I left for the doctor…..just to help me not feel so crummy and depressed.  That labor of love, alone, was probably the best medicine ever!!
9 – I do not exercise.  Now, this one is a problem.  I thought I should include this one just for myself.  Most of this list, I’m ok with…but, I’ll admit, some “I do not dos” need a change.
10 – I do not celebrate Halloween.  I’m not really sure why anyone who claims to be a Christian would….although I know more than few who do – and I love you anyways!  Just thought I would end here as October is fast coming to an end – now my opinion is out there – and I won’t mention it again!
Happy Monday, friends!!  BTW, what is it that you do not do???

9 Replies to “I Do Not Do”

  1. I don't do bumper stickers either! Hate them actually. And it came from my dad. He hated them, said it devalued the car. So I guess I got it from him also!

  2. Good morning….I really enjoyed this…a great list. I am already totally thinking what I might put down, haha. If I get the time I might do this. I don't do Halloween either. It was hard when the kids were little, and now with some of the grands….they just think candy and costumes and fun. However, I LOVE tomatoes, haha, and should probably jump on the no movies bandwagon. This face MUST have make-up too. Have a wonderful day! HUGS

  3. I love your list and the idea of your list. Going to try and do this on my blog also. I don't do tomatoes either, well except home-grown right from the garden. And the make-up thing, same here. Even if I'm not leaving the house and when I've been really sick as well. Just need to have myself looking together in order to enjoy my day. Did not know you had cancer. How horrible for you. Glad you're okay now!!! Enjoy your day!

  4. HATE tomatoes but love salsa, katsup, marinara, etc. The only bumper stick I have ever put on my car was one from my college and it had College of Education. It was actually on my rear window. We do movies but not very often. I do facebook but I justify it by the fact that I am able to keep up with so many friends who are scattered around (I don't do the phone). We shop at Walmart but I don't really like it anymore. I leave the house without makeup but only on Saturday. I hate to exercise but I love to swim. I like winter and can't wait for it this year after the summer we have had here in Tx. We have always celebrated Halloween by decorating with cute decor and costumes. I might have to do one of these if I don't have to spend to much time grading tonight!!

  5. I obviously do not post anymore, but I enjoyed getting to know you better by reading your no list. I was with ya about 8 out of 10 of these. 😀

  6. I loved this list!! We share a few in common 'don't do's"! I don't and cannot do tomatoes, don't like bumper stickers or halloween, don't like fast food (but occasionally indulge!) and wish I didn't do Wal Mart, you might need to share with me on that one, I'm interested!

    Blessings to you!

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