8 thoughts on “One Cool Baby…and her Mommy

  1. Definitely one cool baby and beautiful Mama! Thanks so much for your prayers, I have definitely felt them. The enemy definitely pours it on strong when I am down. She also got a report yesterday of an abnormal pap smear. The first thing she said was “don’t you sit down and cry and worry about this” It is the prayers of many that keep me going. Have a blessed day! Jackie

  2. Ca-ute!!! (that’s cute in Southern, in case you can’t tell). Baby’s got her sunglass groove thang goin’ ON… bet you don’t just cover her with smoochies whenever you get your hands on her, do you? nah.

  3. What two BEAUTIFUL girls! ☺

    Hey, I wanted to say, “THANKS,” for all the support and encouragement you’ve offered. I’ve not been the greatest bloggy friend lately. It’s SO HARD to find BALANCE! ESPECIALLY when my guys are HOME with me almost ALL of the time. (Not complaining.. I’m just sayin’) ☺

    LOVE YOU! ♥

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