Cherry Blossoms

Thankful Thursday….I have a small confession to make – it kinda catches even me by surprise…but I’m truly a city girl at heart! I’ve always thought it was somehow more “romantic”, I suppose, to be a (fresh from the farm) country girl…and to be speak with one of those adorable accents. But, truth be is the city that truly stirs my soul! (And if you weren’t born with one of those super sweet accents…well, its just not the same!) The reality is that I’m stuck in suburbia – not exactly city and not really country.

But every week when I do my volunteer work, I get to go downtown – and I LOVE it!! This week was especially exciting. Let me explain. Last Saturday, I spent the day at a one-day woman’s retreat. During one of the sessions, the speaker remarked, “How long has it been since God took your breath away?” Good question – you know those moments that so leave you speechless and you know for certain…..We have an amazing God!!
These moments can occur in lots of ways but so often it is God’s handiwork that so clearly speaks of his magnifi
cence. When she asked the question, I was disappointed to realize that I couldn’t really recall the last time my breath was taken away. Until this week…..
Our nation’s capital really is beautiful and I always enjoy crossing the bridge into the District and taking in the sight – and this week, the cherry blossoms were in full bloom! Breath-taking, I promise you. Hundreds of trees literally exploding with fat pink blossoms like big tufts of candy cotton……beautiful by themselves. However, line them along the river and put some monuments as a backdrop and it was one of those moments. I don’t know how to describe it adequately – and I’d love to say I took some amazing pictures (sorry..I found the one above on line but you get the idea). But I knew God had given me a gift – a take your breath away moment – and, today, for that I thank Him.

5 thoughts on “Cherry Blossoms

  1. Beautiful picture. Seeing the cherry blossoms is something on my future to do list. Wonderful post.

    I have to say that I am a country girl at heart. I love the spring because everything around is so green (thankfully we have gotten some rain), the bluebonnets are beautiful (I hope to get some pics and post them soon) and the babies are running around the pastures feeling frisky!

  2. What a beautiful picture! My description of cherry trees in bloom is “clouds barely tethered to earth by the brown cord of a trunk..” They are SO lovely! And I DO love it when God takes my breath away. Every time I look at a tiny baby… or when I realize that He has specifically answered a prayer I’ve sent up.. I can feel my heart miss a beat. He is so good….

  3. I love that picture, Jennifer! Beauty that God has blessed us with is all around…we just have to open our eyes and really SEE!

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