A Pantry Freshening Up

Well…its official – when you read this, Jordan will be off to Texas! Thank you so much for all the sweet words of encouragement that were left after my last post. They meant a lot to both Jordan and me. This should prove to be a very interesting week for me. I mentioned to Shannon (who has been busy with some organization project over at Bless My Nest) how therapeutic I find organizing….I mean, organizing anything! And, so I thought I should get started with some busy-work projects of my own.

I decided to reorganize our pantry. This before picture is a bit fuzzy…but this is how I got started. My biggest complaint was how inaccessible the crock pot was on the top shelf..half blocked by the cook books! I love to use the crock pot but really don’t that often simply for that reason. Also the little storage shelves at the bottom are nice for extra space but not as helpful all the way at the bottom.

So, I cleared everything (but all the books) out and even put a fresh coat of paint on the tops of the shelves. It didn’t take too long to dry and then I consolidated, cleaned out (which for me..means threw away!) and put it all back. It was a relatively quick project with results that work for me!

I didn’t alphabetize anything 🙂 but I did organize like items together – all the breakfast things in one place, for instance. And all my baking supplies…yea.

And, ta da, I found a much more convenient – and handy – spot for the crock pot! Did you notice mine is one of the green ivy originals?! Still works great…and Hubbie loves anything from the crock pot so he will be happy for me to start using it more! The little hanging shelves are up higher now so I can actually see what is one them – smart. That second one has my tea supplies….yummy!

A little extra bonus, I was even able to create a little extra room for our snack basket, which used to be in another (not so convenient) cabinet. I have a feeling that this only the beginning…fair warning to my family!

4 thoughts on “A Pantry Freshening Up

  1. Good luck to Jordan…he’s going to do GREAT…I just know it! You will, too!

    Please say that you’ll come to my house and organize my pantry! Yours puts mine to shame!

  2. Your pantry looks great! You inspire me to do some organizing…

    I know Jordan will be a wonderful airman! I’m personally thankful for his willingness to serve our country!

    We love you all!

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