Let me just say…this morning was free pastry day at Starbucks! woo hoo…start your day with a Starbucks latte AND a free coffee cake to go with it – you know the day has to be good!! I found the coupon for free pastry day at 5dollardinners…have you seen this blog? Love it. Recipes, tips and goodies…and coupons!

Now on to my original though for a post – I got a little carried away there. Last night I attended a small concert by Alan Pedersen. What a nice evening. Alan’s 18year old daughter died in a car accident back in 2001 and since then he has been writing songs that help him express his heart during the grief journey. And his songs really express the heart of any grieving parent. He plays the guitar and his songs are so mellow…it really was a special night.

He is currently traveling the entire United States doing concerts for conventions and other large gatherings but he really has a heart for grief support groups..especially the smaller ones. His cds would make a special gift for any grieving parent. I know that I am certainly not a poet and definitely not a songwriter but what a gift to have “your exact thoughts” written out and expressed so beautifully.

After the concert – and listening to a cd in the car this morning – I’ve spent alot of time today thinking about Tyler…..guess I was right, it is a beautiful Tuesday!!

Oh – let me just share a favorite photo……

Yep- definitely a favorite treasure as you can tell by the “wear and tear”…this picture stays posted above my desk and has been with me alot. Tyler dreamed of opening his own restaurant one day and was a HUGE fan of Emeril. He and I took a trip to Orlando just a couple months after he was diagnosed – one of the greatest memories of my life. Just he and I…..travelling to his sister’s house. It was wonderful. In this photo, we are having dinner at Emeril’s Tchoup Chop. Tyler was so happy and having the time of his life!! Although this photo already shows the effects of his treatments/steroids….I see genuine contentment and love of life when I look at him here!! I love that boy!!

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  1. Oh Jennifer~ Thank you for sharing that special picture and those sweet memories of your Tyler. I wish I could sit with you and listen for hours as you shared your precious thoughts of your sweet son. What a tender post that brings tears to my eyes, yet a soft smile to my heart.

    With love to you and prayers for you this very minute…

  2. Hi Jennifer,
    So glad the concert was so special to you. That is so neat to have someone who can relate to the terrible pain you have been thru.
    What a gift this man will be too many people. Bless his heart too!
    So glad you feel free to share your heart about your son. All of us Mom's can only imagine the heart break it would be to lose a child, so we are so happy that you choose to share your precious son with us. He is a real cutie, and I am so glad you had that special time with him, and that pic brings you so much comfort. I know it's gotta be hard! How long has it actually been??
    It is a beautiful thing to have beautiful memories of Tyler but I know there is probably still some aching in your heart! I am so sorry! Know I am praying for you hon!
    Love and Blessings, Nellie

  3. love that photo. what a sweet boy. free coffee cake at starbucks? boo hoo, i missed that! wonder if they would have had a gluten free substitute.. lol.

  4. Oh Jennifer what a cutie. I can see why the pic was a favorite. So glad you had that special time with him that will always be a treasured memory. How my heart feels for you. I think it is great that you got to go to that concert and get a CD that you can so relate to…I'd love to hear more memories about your son if ever you would want to share them. Much love to you, Debbie

  5. What a sweet picture of Tyler. What wonderful memories of that precious young man. Today was the 5 year anniversary of my dear friend's son's death, so it was a hard day for me. I started my day out going to visit his grave at the cemetery. So peaceful at 7am. Joy in knowing that our sweet boys are rejoicing with God in heaven. Thanks for sharing about Tyler. I love hearing about him. Love & blessings from NC!

  6. Hi, Jennifer,

    What a precious picture…and such good memories of your sweet boy! I remember I brought lunch or dinner over to your house, right before he went to Heaven…even though he was sick, he still had a smile for me. I remember asking him how he was doing, and as usual, he said he was doing fine. He was such a brave young man! I know your heart is hurting…I am praying for you.

    I saw your comment on Smelling Coffee about the jelly bean prayer/bags. If you Google "jelly bean poem" you'll see it's really cute. Eight colors of jelly beans tell the story of Easter. I'm thinking about doing those for the children who are visitors on Easter Sunday.

    Thanks for the link to the blog with all the homeschooling ideas. I'll check that out today.

    See you later!

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