Planning for the Ladies’ Trip

Outside my window…yet another beautiful day!! Really this fall has been gorgeous. I think I am getting lulled into thinking this could actually last. Yeah right. I sure would be thrilled if the nasty weather could hold off for at least another three weeks – the first weekend in December is our annual Ladies Day Out Christmas Shopping Trip. Last year, we returned home to our cars covered in inches of snow – picturesque maybe but not alot of fun while cleaning off parking spots and de-icing cars in order to get home. I’m praying for nice weather this year:)

I am thinking…about the final preparations that need to be made for the day trip. I really enjoy this part of the planning – just so I don’t overlook anything!

I am thankful for….a fun day with a girlfriend on Friday. We went to check out restaurants for the shopping trip. Oh, the sacrifices I make:)

I am wearing….RED! I am enthusiastic about that because it is not black and white. I have to wear any combination of black and white to work and lately I’m feeling that is all I wear. Even all those white shirts are beginning to get old:) Gasp.

I am remembering…some silly memories of Tyler. Sometimes I don’t know where these memories come from – but we were out to dinner the other night. Nothing fancy or super special. We were at TGIFs and Hubbie and I both remembered (almost at the same time) how much Ty used to love the ribs there. That boy just loved ribs (which, by the way, he totally did NOT get from his mother…gross!). Then we (enjoyed) remembering a vacation to Charleston and Tyler wanting to order a full rack of ribs. We tried to talk him out of it – he was just a skinny little guy…but, apparently, with a hollow leg. He ordered them and ate the entire plate. Again – gross. But he LOVED it!! Not only the ribs but the fact that he could eat with the big dogs:) Its a guy thing, I guess.

I am going…to Costco – woo hoo. I don’t have a membership to any of the warehouse stores. I did at one time but emptying out the nest totally changes your need to buy in bulk. Today I am shopping for the ladies’ trip. Totally fun.

I am reading….gift lists and ideas. Its that time.

I am hoping….to put a serious dent in my Christmas shopping this week.

On my mind…several senior ladies at church who are seriously ill and/or hurting. They need much prayer – and comforting from the Holy Spirit. One had a fall and has several broken bones. Another has a serious mass in her abdomen that cannot be treated. She is 95 and quite ready to move on to Heaven but she is in a lot of pain and, of course, her family is hurting.

From the kitchen…nothing exciting. Poor Hubbie.

Around the house….I put out some Thanksgiving things. They look cute – all the little pilgrims:)

Plans for the week….Christmas shopping, I suppose, if I want to make that dent in my list!

One of my favorite things….a Hoops and YoYo card that I bought a friend for Thanksgiving. She is a huge Hoops and YoYo fan. I, on the other hand, can only take small doses but this card is a HOOT! One line…”we’re so thankful that….we’re all getting fat!” (Ok, so its funnier if you hear them singing it!) 🙂

9 thoughts on “Planning for the Ladies’ Trip

  1. Sure did enjoy reading your Daybook…hope all goes well with your "putting a dent in the Christmas gift list"…I have yet to make a list!

    BTW~great job on the bells last night! You all sounded really nice.

    Have a good day!

  2. I LOVE these daybooks. Going to do mine in a little bit I think…I have started my Christmas shopping, but have a lot to do still. I love hearing your memories of Tyler. How many you must have. It IS a guy thing about how much you can eat. All of my guys are always comparing…soo weird. Have a wonderful day Jennifer…HUGS

  3. Hi Jennifer,
    Enjoyed reading your daybook. So glad you have so many neat memories of Tyler, Memories are so fun and so special.
    Hope you get a lot of shopping done
    quickly. Nice to get as much done before Thanksgiving as possible.
    Target was packed yesterday, I hear a lot of stores are having early black Friday sales, so we figured that must be the attraction, we had the hardest time finding a parking spot, and we looked at each other and said what is the date and why is it sooooooo packed, looks like Christmas already.
    Have a good week hon,
    Blessings, Nellie

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