Praises for His Hand of Protection

THANKFUL THURSDAY…and a huge praise!
Yes, yesterday, I finished the treatments…without a hitch! I am glad to be done and so grateful for the ease of these treatments – and even for the forced “pause” in my schedule. Yesterday, I enjoyed over an hour of wonderful Bible study with a friend on the phone that so encouraged, and challenged!, me…and I’m grateful for the time I had to do that. If you’ve never shared a Bible study one-on-one with a special friend, it truly is a joy and very much worth the investment of time – even while I share my heart with my girlfriend, God is “exposing” my heart to me. It is a blessing.
My huge praise this Thursday is for this sweet girlie – and God’s hand of protection on her Monday night. While trying to reach a bowl on top of her momma’s jewelry chest (which is the size of a small dresser), she pulled the chest over and on top her. The chest landed on her face, pinning her to the bed that was behind her. (Even writing this, horrifies me.)
They live within minutes of a pediatric after hours center and Riley was seen right away. As horrible and pitiful as her swollen and thoroughly black and blue face looks, there were no broken bones, no teeth lost and no damage to her nose or nasal passages. She never lost consciousness and there is no damage to her head or her brain.
All of the horrible “what if” scenarios have played through my mind (as well as her momma’s, I’m sure)…but God was protecting her and helping Erica as well. When we talked to Erica that night, Riley was already giggling in the background and she is back to her playdates – although inside and not quite to the park yet! As He always is, God was mighty on Monday night. Thank you, Lord, for protecting sweet Riley from an injury that, although was terrible, could have been so much worse. Thank you for the compassionate nurses, good doctor and the healing already taking place. Thank you, Lord, for Riley…we love this precious gift you have given our family.

7 thoughts on “Praises for His Hand of Protection

  1. Oh Jennifer, soo scary…PRAISE GOD she is just fine…My middle son pulled a dresser hutch over on himself once. He waa around 3 and I was HUGELY pregnant and ready to go into labor with my 3rd son. I picked him up and ran all the way down the street with him to the nearest neighbor that was home. I still remember how hard my heart beat…oh the things kids do….Have a wonderful day my friend…Oh! and YAY to being finished with those treatments…HUGS

  2. Oh my!!!! Praise God on His protection. I am thankful that He allowed that bed to be behind her head!!! oh, the terrible "what if's" can drive you crazy!! But, I am so thankful with you that God did protect her!!
    Yeah for you on completing that chemo!!!!! What a challenge!! You are a blessing to me as I watch you!!
    I am inspired to do a Bible study with someone. Thank you for the idea. Do you recommend any specific one?

  3. I am so glad she is okay. And hopefully Erika will be too. All that stuff is scary for mommas.

    And so glad you are through with your treatments!

  4. Praising God that Riley was OK after her accident. It could have been so much worse. A sweet angel named Tyler, was looking out for her. Don't you think? Glad that your treatments are over with too. That is a praise too. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Love & blessings from NC!

  5. Oh my… I am so glad little Riley is okay. I know mom was scared. She probably has a few gray hairs now after that ordeal! God certainly does protect… in ways we see and in many more ways that we aren't even aware of. He Is Good!

  6. Oh Jennifer,
    I am so glad to hear Riley is okay,
    God really did soooo protect her.
    We knew a child that was killed that way some years back. Horrible!!
    So glad Riley is doing just fine,
    she is so adorable.
    So glad to hear you finished your treatments without a hitch. Celebrating with you my friend!!
    Now does that mean you are finished for this year or finished for good?? I hope it is the later.
    Blessings sweetie, and thanks for coming by today. Hope you like the enchiladas, I think I might make them again soon.

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