Quick Kitchen Recap

Just a quick post this morning….as, every time I get on the computer for “just ten minutes” my morning magically fades away and not a thing from the to-do list is even crossed off!  It’s a mystery but avoiding the computer altogether does seem to help a bit! I made applesauce on Monday – that was delicious.  It was almost perfect…and would have been if I had vanilla.  Any perfect applesauce has to have vanilla and, who knew I was out!!  How does one run out of vanilla…..and not know it?!  So, I guess Nittany apples were true to their word and great “for sauce”!! Also made a new chicken recipe for dinner last night.  It had chicken in it (I know, shocking) so it could not be bad but it was actually very tasty!  Simply pound some chicken breasts flat, layer on top quartered mozzarella balls and sundried tomatoes, and then roll-up, secure with toothpicks, season and bake.  Bake at 350 for 30-35 minutes. It was a great plan – until I remembered that Monday night’s apple dumplings had bubbled over and left a HUGE buttery mess in the bottom of the oven….which burned into a horrific smoke cloud that continued to billow for forever!  The dogs were panicked.  The house smelled horrible.  And I’ve just about all the burnt offerings for dinner jokes that I can tolerate!! Goodness. And in a cruel twist of fate……… I crawled – quite pathetically and unenthusiastically – back onto the diet wagon this week.  I never did see the last diet all the way to the end and then, shockingly, I gained a few pounds back while on vacation.  I am determined NOT to go there.  And, so, I began again.  And don’t you know……. I found THESE in the grocery store! pumpkin bagels WHAT??!  Pumpkin Spice. in a bagel.  Have mercy.  (and yes that is my kitchen counter….I bought them.  But I haven’t eaten one.  yet)

6 thoughts on “Quick Kitchen Recap

  1. Good morning! I LOVE a food post! haha…your chicken sounds wonderful…HOWEVER those bagels are just a must!! Oh my goodness, I am just sure they are sooo yummy!!…Don't ya just hate a mess on the bottom of the oven?? I hate it when something like that happens on a BIG day like Thanksgiving when you want only wonderful smells going, haha. Have a wonderful day my friend! HUGS!!!

  2. Oh my word, I love pumpkin spice anything! I need to look for these! You're too funny about the oven mess. I dropped the casserole dish with stew in it a few weeks ago and just didn't know what to do! It made such a mess and started smelling so bad. But homemade applesauce sounds delicious!!

  3. Hey Jennifer!
    Though I'm not a big fan of pumpkin, those bagels sound ridiculously YUMMY! I must say…so does the chicken! OK…I'm totally HUNGRY right now! 😉

  4. Hi, I'm JoAnn and just started reading your blog. I have done the exact same thing baking in the oven and forget about a spill. The chicken recipe sounds yummy and those bagels, well what can I say, I have to go find them at the store now. 🙂


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