Random Prompts for Which to be Grateful

I am turning my thoughts towards Thanksgiving – and/or hoping to keep the attitude of gratitude kindled and fresh – with something a bit different today.  I thought I would answer a (very) random and eclectic group of gratitude prompts found here, there, and everywhere.  Well, mostly Pinterest.  In no particular order (at all) and not even really connected…other than things/people/events/etc for which I am grateful.

THE BEST THING THAT HAPPENED THIS WEEK.  We grabbed some subs (and french fries!), headed over to some friends, and enjoyed lunch together.  The weather was perfection so we ate on their deck.  We have so missed these friends.  They both had covid but he, in particular, has really struggled to get back to 100 percent – and rid of the support oxygen.  It was so nice to finally visit – to laugh, chat and laugh some more – in person!!  Their friendship is one of our favorites.  Texting, phone calls, and hellos from the yard are nice but in-person visits really are the best!

SOMETHING THAT MAKES ME HAPPY.  Once a month, I meet a friend for breakfast.  The third Saturday of every month, to be precise.  It is “a date” every month and I so look forward to it.  We have been friends since fourth grade (aka…a really long time!) and she still likes to hang out with me!!

SOMEONE THAT MAKES ME SMILE.  My Junior Church kiddos make me smile every week!  They are just too much fun each week – and make my heart happy.  We have been working hard in order to do something special for Thanksgiving.  Learning a new (to them) song… as well as some sign language with another one.  We are also memorizing Psalm 100.  All of them are doing great but the littlest ones are too cute for words.  One particular little guy just melts my heart.  His enthusiasm.  His concentration.  And his four-year-old voice.  It’s precious and I cannot help but smile:)

A SIMPLE ACT OF KINDNESS THIS WEEK.  My husband does the dishes.  The dinner dishes.  The breakfast dishes.  And even those “all throughout the day” dishes that seem to appear in the sink.  Yes, it is a simple thing, but he keeps the sink empty.  And I am grateful.

THE LAST PERSON WHO GAVE ME SOMETHING.  The other night after church, we ran into the grocery store.  It closes at 9 PM (why?) and we were pushing to get in and done, and I was rushing.  The ready-to-go-home clerk was eager for us to be done as well – but that is another story.  Rushing out of the store, I sort of ran behind a car that was trying to leave.  After backing out, she pulled up next to us, rolled down her window, and said, “Excuse me.”  Oh no.  Then she proceeded to tell me how nice I looked and “gave me” the sweetest compliment.  Truthfully, I do not often receive compliments and I thought it was a joke.  But once it sunk in….wow, how nice!  And what an easy way to make someone’s day!

A RECENTLY ACHIEVED GOAL. This has been a couple of months ago but still well worthing noting.  Especially here during the season of counting your blessings.  My husband and I have always wanted to live debt-free.  It may not be for everyone but it has been a goal of ours for years.  We retired credit card debt decades ago and got rid of our car payment several years back, but that pesky mortgage was always a challenge.  Until this year – and God allowed us to pay that off.  Finished and done with it!  Honestly, I was not sure we would ever get here but being completely debt-free not only feels great…but setting a goal and persevering until we achieved it feels just as good!!

THE MOST RECENT BLESSING I RECEIVED.  Other than that super kind and unexpected compliment?  Without sounding corny, it would either be a random text from a friend – a friend I made while on a missions trip and rarely ever see in person.  She will text to say that she is praying for me….exactly when I seem to need it most.  Or it would be a comment received here on my blog.  People can say the simplest things but they are so kind and very encouraging.  Self-confidence is not one of my gifts or superpowers.  I am much better at being critical.  Especially of my writing.  But if one person is encouraged, helped, or blessed with something I include here on the blog, I truly am humbled.

Thanks so much to each of you for stopping by so regularly – whether you leave a comment or not.  I am blessed by all of the kind comments and simple “hellos”!!  Have a wonderful weekend!

11 thoughts on “Random Prompts for Which to be Grateful

  1. This post was so refreshing! I like the question format and your answers. May I borrow those questions sometime? I get stumped sometimes for fresh ideas for blogging, and this kind of questioning helps to encourage good thoughts…I like this very much. Are these your original prompts, or is this a “meme” that other bloggers use as well? I don’t want to take it away if it is just yours. But this was so thought provoking and helpful. Your answers were a blessing too. Helped me to open my eyes to see these kinds of little blessings throughout my week as well. Thank you. You need not feel lacking in self confidence in your writing…you have been an inspiration to me tonight, and I needed that! May God bless you as you continue to serve Him in so many special ways. Have a blessed weekend and wonderful Thanksgiving!!

  2. Congrats on becoming debt free. It is truly a freeing feeling. We became debt free earlier this year and it is a great feeling- both the accomplishment of achieving the goal and, of course, being debt free!! I like the prompts in your post and your attitude of gratitude. Getting together with friends is such a blessing and it sounds like you are very fortunate in having good friends and making it a priority to get together with them.

    1. Yes, debt-free has been a blessing!! The goal..and the lack of debt!! So glad you stopped by…here’s to a wonderful week ahead!!

  3. I loved this post, Jennifer! It’s appropriate to turn our hearts this way- especially here at Thanksgiving. I just love your writing, friend. It’s evident to all that you have a beautiful heart. Does that sound strange? I think you know what I mean when I say that, and especially now that we’re “friends”, even if only through this blogging world. Isn’t that a gift to us? I feel the same way you do! I have literally thanked the Lord for my online friends who so regularly encourage me.

    What a treasure to have dinner with your friends once again! I know that your heart must have been so happy over that. And CONGRATULATIONS on you and your husband’s goal of being debt free! That is amazing, my friend! I hope that we can say that same thing someday. We have one credit card through Amazon that we use for small purchases each month (necessities like shampoo/conditioner, socks, etc.) and then pay it off each month. We mainly use it at Christmas for our sons, though. Being debt free- or as much as possible- is the way to live.

    Have a wonderful day, my friend.

    1. I look forward to Monday mornings – and hoping that you will stop by before your day and week takes off! I enjoy your visits here through our screens:) Thank you for your sweet comments of encouragement!

  4. I love a good set of prompts, Jennifer! Like these. Thinking in a new direction or looking at life through a new set of lenses sparks something joyful inside, doesn’t it.

    1. Good morning, Linda. Thanks for stopping by. I thought these prompts were a bit unique…and always looking for that new set of lenses:) And sparks of joy!! Thanks much for the smile….hope you have a blessed week ahead!!

  5. Hi Jennifer! I’m visiting via Pamela’s place (Closed Doors, Open Windows) — intrigued by this fun exercise and eager to do the same, if I may? Congratulations on becoming debt-free! We’ve only succeeded in eliminating unsecured debt, but having begun a new mortgage 3 years ago … well, unless Alabama were to pass a lottery bill I’d say our chances are slim-to-none. Heck, it’s all good. I’m grateful for the roof over my head. Wishing you a blessed weekend!

    1. I am so glad you stopped by the blog – and took a moment to say hello!! I hope you will use the prompts – one, two or all of them – and have some fun this week thinking about the unexpected blessings lately! And, I agree, isn’t it a blessing to have a cozy roof over your head!!:) I hope you have a wonderful week ahead. Stop by again!

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