A Fall Morning Encouragement

Happy Tuesday morning:)  It is quite beautiful outside my window this morning.  Not sure if this is our “Indian summer” or not but the temperatures are supposed to be about twenty degrees higher than they have been lately and the sun is just too lovely shining through the fall-colored trees.  There is a perfect balance of crunchy leaves on the ground and trees limbs still covered in color!  This is not a day for sitting the house…and so we are headed out soon.  We are looking forward to enjoying lunch with some friends who have been rather housebound for weeks now.  It will be great to simply visit and share this beauty of a day together.  Days like this one just put a song in my heart!

However (and without being a total pessimist), I was reminded of a quote – I read it years ago! – from Dr. Charles Stanley.  He wrote:

 “Victory demands more than floating through each day.”

A day may begin sun-drenched or with storm clouds.  My heart may be singing or it may be heavy, pained or even overwhelmed.  But whatever the day or whatever it holds, each day includes a battle.  Every morning and each new day, I must prepare for the battle.  I must purpose to fight my flesh and stand firm against the devil and all that he hopes to use in order to defeat me. Throughout the day, I must walk closely with my savior in order to be victorious.  I cannot let my guard down…even on these sun-dappled, joy-filled days.  Especially on these days.

Every day is a new day. And a new battle. But God’s mercies are new every morning as well and victory can be ours. Just a quick word on this lovely Tuesday to challenge you, my friends.  Stay in the fight. Be armored and prepared.  And, be encouraged.

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