Red Outside My Window

Not quite Monday morning but a Monday post nevertheless. And it wasn’t that we weren’t up early enough this morning either. In fact, we were up extra early (too early according to Hubbie….but that’s his opinion!) I mentioned last Monday that I had some upcoming tests – probing, prodding and biopsy type tests – this week…and they were this morning. I’ll never understand why you have to be at the hospital at 7:00am for a 9:00am procedure. Anyhoo, all went very well and I appreciate the kind thoughts and prayers. As my mama used to say, I am healthy as a horse! (Is that a compliment??) Being up extra early allows you to see the sunrise in all its glory – and this morning was no disappointment! The horizon was covered in bright orange and glowy red! We have in our bedroom a palladium style window over the bed. I have never really cared for this window. Actually, I have complained and moaned quite often about said window. (Really, it is a decorating nightmare!) But from this window we have the perfect views of, not only, brilliant sunrises but also gorgeous full moons and captivating night skies. Funny how I get so focused on the window – and miss the view itself! But, sweet Hubbie, is always quick to point out the beauty outside the window. (I’m not sure he even notices the lack of curtain or other appropriate window dressing?!!?) This morning he called me over to notice the sunrise. As I drank in the view, I could hear my granddad’s voice as clear as ever…."Red at night, sailor’s delight. Red in the morning….sailor’s warning." He used the sky to get his weather report. So cool. And, did you know – its straight from the Bible? "…When it is evening, ye say It will be fair weather: for the sky is red. And in the morning, It will be foul weather to day: for the sky is read and lowring……" Matthew 16:2-3 I love that. And I’m beginning to love my window, too!:)

4 thoughts on “Red Outside My Window

  1. Hey Jennifer!
    (I'm so happy my computer is letting me comment on your blog today!)
    My grandpa used to say the same thing! (Yep, I knew it was from the Bible! ;~P)
    So glad all those tests came back A.O.K! Being a farm girl myself, I would say being 'healthy as a horse' was a compliment! But I wouldn't want to be a 'nag'! teehee
    I think your palladium window sound gorgeous! I love to see what is happening in the sky! One never knows just what they might see! ;~P

  2. I'm glad you are beginning to like your window! Isn't it funny how our perspective can change when we look at something through someone else's eyes? Glad the tests went well….hope results are good!

  3. Good morning! So glad the tests are behind you! Healthy as a horse? Does that mean you already know the results and all is good?? YAY to that!! I've definitely been praying for you. I didn't know the red sky thing was in the bible. Learn something every day. Yes, a "weird" window can be a decorator's nightmare, but sounds like yours has some real side benefits.

    to answer your question, though it will STILL be hard to keep straight….Evan (step grandson), Lindsey (step grand daughter) Annabel, Jeffie & Cody all belong to my oldest son Joe and his wife Leah. Capri, JD, & Donatella all belong to my youngest son James & his wife Larissa. My middle son has no children (yet) of his own but is engaged to a woman who has 4including a grandkid on the way (can ya stand it?) My son is only 34 so that is really kind of weird and somewhat of a long draining story, but it is what it is. And then of course Mel is just starting her family. Soooo as you can see, keeping them all straight is no easy task, haha.

    Have a wonderful day my friend!! HUGS

  4. Thankful for your good test results!! I have heard the red sky saying, but I did not realize it was in the Bible.

    I hope you really enjoy your window and the creation God has placed outside of it.

    Easter blessings to you, Jennifer.

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