Remember. Be grateful: June 2019

June has been an emotional month.  Certainly full of those events and moments – and even some days – that cause all the emotions.  Of course, when I look back over the past weeks that have made up June, it is necessary to remember the good with the bad.  The hard with the exciting.  It is in remembering both that God’s faithfulness is seen.  He is good, gracious, full of compassion, and loving on all the days.  In every month and in every stage of life.  That is why this exercise of remembering – and being grateful – is so important.  That said, this is my look back at June 2019.

There were two graduations. (No doubt, there were hundreds, even thousands, of graduations in June.  Just in our area.  I am amazed at the number of students that graduate in our local outdoor concert pavilion each year!  Gone are the days of graduating on your school football field….)  The daughter of one of my dearest friends graduated high school.  My friend has been a single mom for years now and has done a wonderful job helping her daughter become a sweet young woman.  I know she was so proud of her……I was so proud for her!!

My nephew also graduated.  I only have two nephews – my children have two cousins…definitely puts us in the small family category – and this was the second one to finish high school.  Somewhat of an ending of an era.  That generation (in our family) finished with schooling, etc.  Seems a bit surreal.  I am excited for him – and for his dad, my brother!  My nephew is a violinist and is off to Indiana University to continue with his music.

There were numerous deaths – including the death of a close friend’s mom, an extra special friend from the assisted living, and the mother of my husband’s friend. Some were expected and others were completely unexpected; nevertheless, all deaths bring not only sorrow but a real perspective on life.  Maybe I’m getting old – but, lately, these events cause me to really think – and somewhat overthink – life.  Its purpose.  Its frailty.  As well as the impact of one’s death.  Those type of heavy thoughts:)  And June has been full of heavy thoughts, as well as some too heavy days!  Gratefully, God not only desires to but certainly will use any life that is surrendered to Him.  Regardless of status, achievements, wealth or education….each life can fulfill God’s purpose and design.  Impacting others and glorifying Christ.

Father’s Day. Although easier than in past years, these special days continue to be challenging…when you are missing a child.  We had a wonderful evening out as a family…dinner at a new restaurant that was a favorite for my husband.  The kids really do spoil their dad and make Father’s Day special, but the reminders that someone is missing are much more upfront.  And this year I was really missing my dad.  Sometimes the heart is just like that, I suppose.  How grateful I am for the blessing of a good dad.  A loving dad and an example to follow in so many ways.

Times with friends.  If I’m honest, there have been some disappointments this month.  Times when not only strangers (well, people we hired), as well as friends, did not come through like I expected.  The situation with the contractor was (beyond) frustrating and hopefully,  we can get resolved.  Definitley several lessons learned with that experience.  But the wounds from a friend, as the Bible calls them, take longer to heal.  But, again, God is faithful.  Always teaching me – through the good, the hard and the in between.  There were also plenty of wonderful times with friends this month:  lunch with friends, multiple field trips with my senior pals, Saturday morning breakfasts on two different weekends (I love breakfast out!) and an invitation to some new friend’s home.

Yes, June has been a roller coaster.  What I want to remember this month, is God is good.  God is faithful, and He loves me!  Thankful for June!

6 thoughts on “Remember. Be grateful: June 2019

  1. Thanks for sharing about your month! It sounds like there have been lots of ups and downs, but I’m glad you have known God’s faithfulness in the midst of it.

    1. Ups and downs – for sure!! But, yes, God has been faithful….and glad that came through in my post (and not just whining!)

    1. Always so glad to see your comments – and to know you stopped by the blog:) Hope you were encouraged….and that I was not simply whiny. I’m so glad we walk through life with such a faithful Heavenly father!! Hugs –

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