My first installment of Heather’s monthly Share Four Somethings. I was still on an internet/blogging break last time this month so I missed January….but I really enjoyed this monthly link-up last year and look forward to jumping in again throughout the year ahead.  Each month, we share something loved, something read (always a bit of a challenge for the non-reader like me), something treasured as well as something ahead.  Let’s just jump right in!!

Something Loved. This is, more accurately, something I am loving.  As in, for the last two or three days…and that is our weather.  It has been almost spring-like!!  The beginning of February, just as it was for most of the country, was pure winter. Lots of cold and, in my opinion, way too much ice.  I really should not complain as I know so many throughout the country have really suffered because of the extreme winter.  Nevertheless, one day of winter is enough winter for me and February seemed long!  I’m not naive enough to think winter is over but, for now, our snow is g.o.n.e. and I am thoroughly enjoying the sunshine and mild temperatures this week!!  Winter does not last forever and I love this little reminder!!

A few other things I have enjoyed, or “loved,” lately:  a long overdue haircut, breakfast with friends (breakfast is by far my favorite meal of the day!), a cute local restaurant not far from us that recently re-opened, the new faces and good crowds we have been having at church, and a fresh pedicure – also long overdue!

Something Read. I enjoy reading blogs and often am so encouraged and inspired.  I often copy down quotes and other bits I want to remember.  Since it is just for my reference, I am not good at keeping track of the source.   And such is the case with this quote I want to share.  It is a Rick Warren quote but, honestly, I do not remember where I read it.  So sorry.  Nevertheless, it is good.

“Living the rest of your life for the glory of God will require a change in your priorities, your schedule, your relationships, and everything else.” 

Change is not always easy.  I find that more and more true the older I get…and I am indeed getting older:)  But sometimes change is not only helpful and/or necessary, it is critical.  Praying I have the wisdom to not only know what needs to change but when it is essential.

Something Treasured. My little Junior Church class!!  What a blessing they are to me each week.  For years, I taught a children’s class during our mid-week service but had retired – aka, passed the baton onto someone younger and assumed my ministry with the little ones was over.  God had other plans and I have been teaching Junior Church since student ministries resumed some time towards the end of last year.  That hour and a half together is really a delight.  We also sing every couple of months….and they are a treat!!  Definitely treasuring this time – and those sweet kiddos!!

Something Ahead. In the last link-up I did here, my husband was thick in the middle of rehabbing from his knee surgery (after his fall and tendon tear).  This past Tuesday, he was given the “all clear” from his surgeon and his need for more therapy.  He is well ahead of “typical” recovery time and we are both thrilled.  He has healed and regained his strength so well.  We look forward to not only getting back to walking but maybe even some hiking.  That’s quite a bit for this indoorsy girl – but if I learned one thing during his recovery (and there were many things learned), it is how much we appreciate our health and good mobility until, well, we don’t have it.  We are going to use and enjoy both….grateful for the gift that it truly is!!

Next time I write my Share Four Somethings, it will be Easter!  And, dare I say, spring!?!  Hard to believe but much that is ahead and to anticipate!!  If your ground is still inches (or feet) deep in snow…bless you.  Enjoy whatever the days may hold and enjoy the months ahead!!

17 Replies to “Share Four Somethings: February 2021”

  1. I love that quote by Rick Warren. It’s a great idea to copy down quotes that you want to remember…I need to do that myself! I love reading blogs…it’s my favorite morning routine. I’m so happy your husband was given the all clear from his doctor! The timing is perfect, with the spring weather you’ve been having. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I like the Rick Warren quote, and I love that both our “Something Treasured” involved ministry with children. Those times are definitely something to treasure! I’m also glad that spring is on the way!

  3. Jennifer, hi! I loved seeing your beautiful open window, hearing the good news about your husband’s healing, and was a bit bowled over realizing that Easter is not all that far away.

    Spring can’t come soon enough around here. Meanwhile, I’ll just sit by the fire and read and write.


    1. Oh…enjoy that fire! We still have plenty of chill in our mornings. Perfect for the fire!! Yum –

  4. Glad to read that your hubby is on the mend. I hope the upcoming warm spring weather does draw both of you outdoors for some walks. We still have some snow on the ground here in PA, but at least patches of grass are beginning to peep through!

  5. That quote from Rick Warren is so on point – I’m finding out everyday that there has to be a deliberate change in priorities. It’s not easy. Congrats on your hubby’s recovery – glad he’s doing so well. I hear you on your excitement about the weather – I’m a summer girl at heart and winter felt like it lasted ages! I’m so glad warmer weather is on the way.

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