Share Four Somethings: January 2024

Happy Monday friends!  I sure hope SOMEone is actually receiving this post.  It is time for the first Share Four Somethings post of this new year and these posts usually take me a bit longer to write than some of the others…and, for that reason, I hope all my efforts actually get posted and “go to print” as usual.  Last week, I was having a bit of behind the scene’s work and updating done.  I did not post at all last week because I thought it best to leave things alone until everything was finished.  Except things never got finished.  I’m still trying to see what happened/is happening but it seems to be a work in progress; however, I did not want to stay “in the dark” for another week.  And, so, I am pushing forward.  With both fingers crossed.

That said, let’s get started with Share Four Somethings for this first month of the year.  The prompts are a bit refreshed and I’m all about a good reset and am enjoying refreshing just about anything and everything these days.  So, I am ready.  The full link-up and what everyone else is loving, noticing, acomplishing and even trying to improve…well, it can be found here.  Sounds like fun!  As for me, this past month, I have:

loved – getting the holiday decorations put away and the house returned to “normal”…and there was a really good dusting in the process which was long overdue.  I did leave out and include some winter inspired decor among all the “normal” things and we have enjoyed the coziness they add around the house.  The fireplace in the morning has also been a favorite as have the twinkle lights I draped around the window in my office.

accomplished – putting together (and successfully pulled off) our first monthly Family Fun Night.  I mentioned earlier that I am hoping to celebrate this year a bit more.  The big days. The little things.  And the anything else in between.  Family Fun Night was one thing that sprang from that idea.  As a family, we always enjoy celebrating birthdays and other achievements/milestones.  But what about getting together just because.  On a random Monday.  Just for fun.  Two weeks ago, we went bowling and then to dinner.  Let me tell you….I have not bowled in years and, apparently, my bowling ability has not improved one iota in those years outside of the alley.  Truthfully, there was only one of us that showed any measurable skill at bowling.  But that did not stop any of us from having a great time.  I would say our inaugural Family Fun Night was a huge success.

improved – my attitude towards winter.  And rather significantly, if I say so myself.  It is no secret (at all) that I am proud member of the We Like It Sunny Summer Lovers fan club.  Summer makes me happy.  But, then again, so does spring.  And even fall.  But, winter?  Not so much.  However, I was determined to celebrate more in 2024.  Even to include celebrating and enjoying each season.  That means not wishing January, Feburary and March away.  Or moping around waiting for spring’s return before I enjoy the little things and every day things.  Has my attitude done a 180?  Not exactly. But, truthfully, I have noticed a huge shift.  A deliberate choice not to complain, moan or daily rehearse the 100 things I hate about winter.  It is a work in progress but was worth noting in this category.  (I may need to remind myself come the end of next month!)

noticed – a huge improvement in my skin…and I am really happy with it!  Not only do I feel my body continues to do a great job of detoxing from all my treatments, but I also began using a new (to me) skin care/beauty line of products.  Chemical free, natural and clean.  I have not bought any of their makeup yet (I plan to do that in February) but have been using the moisturizer.  In one month, the difference in my skin has been quite noticeable.  I am reminded – and in awe again – of how well the body can heal and restore itself.  We are so wonderfully made.  I know that I can only do “so much” but it feels good to do what I can to treat my body well – whether that be with clean products, fresh air and exercise, or simply having a better mental attitude.  I want to appreciate both my body and my health…taking neither one for granted.

Well, here’s hoping all goes well with this post.  And with my blog.  I have to leave all the technical stuff to others….which takes the understanding, as well as the control, out of hands.  Which can be a good or a not so good thing.  Ah well, not going to sweat the small stuff.  I’m going to celebrate instead!  Here’s to a great week, my friends.  I have a milestone doctor appointment this afternoon.  More on that later, but I feel as if I am on the downhill slide to closing the door on all that was 2023!!

9 thoughts on “Share Four Somethings: January 2024

  1. I enjoyed putting away all my Christmas decor too. I love when it comes up, but I love when it goes away too. Bowling, oh my! I’ve never been good at it, and basically gave up years ago. lol. Bravo to you for returning to it. 🙂

  2. Yay for all of this! I do think having a better mental attitude helps tremendously, in every area of life. I’ve noticed that kind of thing, and how my perspective on things changes. Your blog was the first one on my side bar this morning, so I’m guessing all the updating and changes went okay? I knew I hadn’t seen you here last week, and I miss you when you don’t post. I enjoyed catching up with you this morning! I hope your week gets off to a great start!

  3. SO good to see your post up this morning, Jennifer! I missed you last week!

    Your Family Fun Night sounds like so much fun! I’m glad that everyone enjoyed having the time together without having an actual occassion to celebrate.

  4. Hi Jennifer: It does feel good to get the Christmas stuff down and put away…I accomplished that too this month. Family Fun Night sounds like such fun and I’m glad the first one was successful for you guys. I’m not a huge fan of winter either, but changing the attitude can certainly help to make it better. Take care and have a great day.

  5. All of this sounds great! I feel like my family needs to get OUT and do more. We do stuff at home, but my son hates going out and that is never going to change if we don’t do things out. Sigh. I am glad your skin is improving and I hope your doctor’s appointment goes great!! Have a wonderful week.

  6. That family fun night does sound like so much fun and such a great idea. We used to do that once a month when my boys were younger… but we have definitely gotten away from that and should probably try to reinstate it! I find that attitude goes a long way in how I cope with winter… I too would much rather see sunny skies and warm sun but it is what it is and griping about it just seems to make me feel even worse so I try to focus on those aspects of the season I don’t mind as much in the hopes that it will pass quickly.

  7. Jen, I loved hearing your 4 Somethings. And your family fun night sounds great! How neat is that. I’m with you on sunny and warm. Lol.
    Visiting today from Jennifer’s

  8. I also need to do a “good” dusting – I’ve just been doing “barely good enough” lately! LOL I love your Family Fun Night thoughts and miss doing things like that with more of my family.

  9. I’m SO glad to see the back of 2023…not a great year. Hope 2024 will be better.
    I’m still putting Christmas things away…and doing a bit of de-cluttering, as well
    Happy week!

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