Share Four Somethings: March 2022

Hooray for March!!  Hard to believe but it is time for the March edition of Share Four Somethings – the monthly link-up where we share thoughts related to something loved, something gleaned, something braved and something achieved.  Last month, my post included our visit to a new-to-us coffee shop.  Honestly, that seems like two weeks ago, at the most.  How has it been a month?  Note to self:  we need to go back there.  The coffee was delicious and the weather has been (almost) perfect for wandering outside.  But, back to this month.  You can view the rest of the link-up tomorrow.  I always enjoy the posts shared there, however, enough with the rambling.  Let’s get started.

Something Loved

This month, it is the little things.  Just the simple things that not only are so enjoyable but soooo remind me of “normal” days and times.  They have been a real respite from all that has been so heavy this month.  (And it has been a heavy month!!)  We had several opportunities to get together with friends this month – several times for lunch (or breakfast) or simply to play games.  When did I become so competitive over a simple table game??  We also have helped with scripture assembly at church twice this month.  I am amazed at the number of scriptures (John and Romans booklets) that can be put together in three hours.  And we are the youngest bunch…but we get the job done! The fellowship (aka lots of talking) while doing so is always fun.  It is the perfect kind of group conversation for my personality.  We are also having dinner with my brother tonight.  That needs to happen more often but I’m grateful for anytime our schedules mesh. And, we had the grand pups twice this month for “doggie sleepovers” which always brings us joy.  The puppies are a lot of company but, I will admit, I’m glad they get to go home as well:)

Something Gleaned

I actually have a couple of things I could include here…which is unusual.  I sometimes struggle with this prompt (well, not as much as the next one, but still).  But, I am going to select just one because the thought learned “blossomed.”  It so stuck with me that I shared it with my husband.  It made an impact on him as well and he went on to make it the topic at his monthly men’s meeting.  I’m sure it was helpful there too.  It really was one quote from a devotional blog post from Karen at Simply Soul Searching.  I have shared her site before.  Obviously, I am often blessed there.  You can read the entire post – about shining our lights –  here and I won’t rehearse it.  However, the quote that she shared was this:

It is the light in the lantern which shows you the path, not the lantern. 

Like most Christians, I want to be a light that shines.  Not only to make a difference. To leave an impact, or to light the way for someone else, but also to shine as a light for Christ.  To point others to Him.  But, as I consider how to best so do…how often do I focus on “the lantern”?  On me.  Rather than the actual light.  The difference is subtle but, then again, it is huge.

Something Braved

Last month I shared that I was hoping to “learn some new tricks” – old dog or not!!  I need to stop using my age, or this season of life, as a convenient excuse.  An excuse not to try new things (among other things).  I have mentioned multiple times that I would like to learn the clarinet.  Yes, covid did get in the way but more than anything, my excuses got in the way.  No need to rehearse them…because this month, the lessons begin!  I have been practicing at home.  Trying my best with YouTube videos but I will have actual lessons starting on Wednesday.  I have no idea where this will go but that’s not really the point.  Here’s to figuring out what an embouchure is…and how to make one!?!

Something Achieved

I actually made something with my sewing machine.  I mentioned in last month’s Currently post that I had a goal of using my sewing machine.  Of creating something.  The simplest of something.  And, I did.  I found some squares while antiquing one afternoon.  I liked the colors and they were only two dollars so nothing was lost if everything ended up in the garbage.  Yes, I made a rookie mistake and had the backside showing when I put the squares onto a backing but a little seam ripping is a good teacher.  Is it amazing?  Not hardly but I was able to actually put the finished project (that I completely made up as I went along) on display – and not in the trash.  I already have some fabric that I want to make into pillow covers.  Since I’m not really a “creative type,” the process is not exactly rewarding for me (rather frustrating, if I’m honest) but I am pleased when it is finished.

I snapped a picture which I am only including because a sweet photo of me and my dad are at the top!  His birthday is in March and he has been on my heart extra these last few weeks.  Boy, do I miss him.

Before I close, I want to thank those who left comments and shared advice as well as opinions on my last post.  They genuinely helped.  The “big” question is still a bit perplexing but it did answer more than a couple of questions I’ve had swirling in my head.  Thank you, friends!!

7 thoughts on “Share Four Somethings: March 2022

  1. Thank you, Jennifer, for your lovely thoughts this morning – and for graciously sharing my post. You bless me often, too. I am so glad we have connected here! Your honest stories and creative ways inspire my journey. Thanks again, my blogger friend!

    1. I am so glad, as well, that the blog world has connected us:) What a blessing your posts and reflections have been to me – especially during this season of Lent!

  2. I enjoyed reading this post, Jennifer! One of your sentences resonated with me, the one where you say you are not the creative type so the process is not rewarding but you are pleased with the results. I feel exactly like that with a number of my creative(ish) interests and endeavors. Congrats on the sewing and taking clarinet lessons! Both of those are great accomplishments. And I really like the quote about the lantern/path and your thoughts. I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Stay warm if your temps are going to be anything like ours are going to be!

    1. It seems there are so many very creative folks (especially as I browse through the blog world) so its nice to know I’m not the only “non exactly the creative type” – ha!!:) Thanks for sharing!

  3. I like your “four somethings” very much. This is a good outline and way to communicate with us. Also, regarding the replies to bloggers question…it seems like I get replies from you in my email. I know when you comment on my blog I get an email notice, and I THINK I get one when you reply to my comments too, but I could be wrong. I’d have to go back and look now, and that would take some time. Anyway, I know what you mean. I don’t always go back to see if a blogger has responded to my comment. It’s hard enough keeping up with the original comments, let alone following up again, etc., etc. I love getting comments on my blog (why else do we blog if not to reach our readers?) But I don’t always have time to respond to them all. I am just happy to hear from them. Sometimes, however, the commenter may ask a specific question, and then I do try to respond. The thing is, we are all busy in our personal lives. Blogging is a wonderful hobby and a great way to communicate with others, but I don’t feel bad if people don’t always respond to my comments and I hope it’s vice versa. I know we are all living “life” and if we start making rules here that are hard to keep up with, it takes away the joy of blogging and becomes more of a chore. I think we each have to just do what we can do and appreciate what each other is sharing. I learn so much from our friends. It’s a real joy.

    1. Your comment was so encouraging…and especially helped me remember what I love about (and why I) writing and sharing posts. What the real joy is…and there is joy! You are correct! Thank you. So glad we have connected here in our spaces!!

  4. I know you alluded to the heaviness of the month, but you have accomplished much, despite that. I also want to let my light shine and the quote you shared is beautiful. Learning a new instrument is not easy, I tried to learn the piano a few years ago, had lessons…then dropped it. I just couldn’t seem to make the progress I wanted, nor did I have a lot of time to devote to it. I love the colors of your table runner and I think it looks good. I hope April is a better month for you.

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