Share Four Somethings: May 2020

Time for another Share Four Somethings – which means another month is drawing to an end.  That seems odd to me.  In many ways, May has been very uneventful and the days have felt as if they were in slow motion.  But it also seems like just two days ago, I was writing this post for the end of April.  Just like so much of life, time feels muddled and the days/weeks seem disjointed.  Our state’s latest timeline for (slowly) reopening is set for next week.  The end of May.  And will continue in two-week segments…but no really understands what each of those two-weeks will look like.  So, we press on.  I said the same words in last month’s post…but much is simply on repeat:)  I’m hopeful and looking forward to some change.  We will see – but, for now, Share Four Somethings:  May 2020.

Something Loved. So many days with the windows open.  I love the fresh air.  My new milk frother.  It’s an electric one – woo! – and I have been enjoying the best lattes each morning.  Definitely, something loved!  Tahini Banana Breakfast Cookies.  They might sound odd but, oh boy, are they delicious.  I definitely do not eat them just for breakfast!  Daffodils planted at the cemetery…they just made my heart happy! And….I got a pedicure:)  Life is sweet!

Something Read.  I have been reading recipes until my head spins.  I’m reading cookbooks actually.  A project for this month was to sort through, purge and reorganize my cookbooks.  I rarely use them (thank-you Pinterest) and they really needed a good sorting.   I have some that are used mostly for kitchen decor – ha – and others I knew would stay…especially one written by a friend and another by a close family member.  Some I donated.  Some I will consign.  Before they left the kitchen, I wanted to go through each one to see if there were recipes I might want to remember…or ones I might want to try.   It started out as a fun project but lost its thrill quickly.  Way too many casserole recipes for anyone to enjoy!  But, it is done and I’m super happy with the finished project.  I also have lots of recipes – new and refound favorites – on the agenda for the next several weeks.  A double win!!

Something Treasured. Mother’s Day.  Much like the family birthdays in April, we celebrated “quarantine” style. Our typical Mother’s Day plans had to be altered – and it was lovely.  My family went out of their way to not only make the day nice but also to make me feel special and loved.  I am spoiled.  We are usually at church but, of course, this Sunday we were live streaming..and our service was early.  That left room for brunch afterward.  Brunch is my favorite!!  Especially when my hubbie is making the waffles:)  The perfect start to a great day together.

Something Ahead.  Quite honestly, I am looking forward to the end of the quarantine.  I am looking forward to actually going to church – singing hymns, worshiping with and praying alongside my church family.  To coffee with friends.  To stores, businesses and restaurants being open….even if I don’t want to go there.  Closed up buildings are getting depressing.  Getting a haircut would be nice.  Maybe even rescheduling that dentist appointment that has been canceled twice.  Ok – that might be a stretch.  But I am hoping the month ahead includes change.  I’m ready for it!

9 thoughts on “Share Four Somethings: May 2020

  1. It sounds like you’ve had a lot of joy in your life despite the changes to regular life. It reminds me to look for all of the little joys in the every day.

  2. The cookies sound good, and I’m glad you had a good Mother’s Day despite the restrictions. I agree, I’m looking forward to things returning to more normality, though I think things like church services are still at least a few months away here!

  3. I always watch/listen, head slightly tilted to the side and eyes kind of squinted, when someone speaks of this notion of wonderful Mother’s Days. I hate Mother’s Day.

    But I DO love brunch. And waffles. (And my family, just not the day)…Hats off to your family!

    I would be curious to know which cookbooks you saved, and how it goes consigning the others.

  4. It seems we treasure many of the same things, Jennifer. I’m glad you had a lovely Mother’s Day, and daffodils planted at the cemetery would make my heart happy too. 🙂

  5. I use eMeals for meal planning so I rarely use my cookbooks. I purged a few years ago, but it’s probably time to do it again. Now that I have teenage daughters, it might be fun to let them select a few recipes to try. Thanks for the prompt!

    1. I think having the girls try a few new recipes sounds fun:) No teenagers here…but wonder if I could get my husband interested!?!

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