Share Four Somethings: May 2021

I started April’s Share Four Somethings with a plea for spring to return.  We were having a return of sweater weather.  To be sure, that did not last.  Spring did return (it always does)!  And moved right on into summer!!  Wow, it has been true summer here this week.  So very nice for this warm weather girl:)  It has been a wonderful few weeks since last month’s post and almost hard to think it is time to share again.  I suppose all the sunshine just hazes the time away…..

Moving right on May’s Share Four Somethings……

Something Loved.   Last month I mentioned “looking ahead” to our first chance – in way too long – to get away.  To actually pack an overnight bag.  We went to Lancaster (PA) and had the nicest time!  We stayed at one of our favorite places and visited all of our favorite spots.  It was pretty much a favorites kind of a weekend.  And, without masks!  Definitely…something loved!

This is where I should insert some great photos of amazing views, cute shops and/or yummy-looking food.  But, I am the absolute worst at taking photos.  Love making memories but they are never caught on camera.  Huge sigh.  I think I took one photo.  If so, I’ll insert it here. Yep.  The only one:)

Something Read. I actually read two statements that have settled into my brain and keep coming back to me.  Often, I will read a line in a devotional, blog post, or something similar and think, “wow”….and two days later, I cannot remember it exactly and certainly cannot remember where I read it.  My reading memory is terrible.  So, I’ve taken to jotting a few down in my phone.  Then I look through them at night before I go to bed…..or when I’m scrolling.  Ahem.  Two impactful ones lately:

From Jill Briscoe – while discussing the need for “dropping things” from our schedule in order to truly wait on the Lord.   “Dropping the lesser to pick up the greater must become a daily habit….”  She said, “If I will but wait upon the Lord, then other things will have to wait.  My schedule will not be my master, but my slave.   How easy my schedule can become the master, but I’m aware of it much more.  And resisting it.

From Evangelist Scott Pauley – in a devotional entitled “Dealing with Sadness.”  He acknowledged “…the world is in bad shape but the Lord is always good” and made this statement that I have repeated often, “Sad days must not become sad Christians!”

Something Treasured. A few weeks ago, a friend that I have not heard from in years sent me a “flash from the past” photo.  What a surprise and a great memory!  So glad, at least someone has some photos.  And, in a very rare moment….I have decided to share:)  This photo is over thirty years old!  Taken the day our first was dedicated at church.  She was two weeks old.  Thinking of those sweet (albeit overwhelming) newborn/new parent days still makes my heart melt!!


Something Ahead.  Our annual missions conference begins today – with an international banquet this evening.  (Yes, it is served buffet style.  The struggle is real.)  We will have special meetings Sunday through Wednesday…all with an emphasis on missions and worldwide evangelism.  We hear reports from missionaries on the field, some on furlough, and learn about new missionaries heading to different fields all around the world.  I cannot tell you how I enjoy these types of meetings!  The guest speaker for this conference is the missions director who led both of the last two missions trips I took.  (The above photo is from the trip to Samoa.)  Not only will it be nice to see him again but I’ve enjoyed all kinds of memories (the good, the great, the bad, and the ugly!) these past few days/weeks!!  Travel as it is – and travel restrictions what they are – I have no idea if those may have been my last trips.  And I didn’t even know it.  But I sure am grateful for the opportunities!!

Here’s to another beautiful month ahead.  Read all the Share Four Something entries here.

14 thoughts on “Share Four Somethings: May 2021

  1. Jennifer, wow! We were in Lancaster last month! We love it there … Sight & Sound, Miller’s, all the little shops, driving out into the country.

    I wonder if our paths crossed at all?


  2. I bought a reading journal because I forget what I read almost as quickly as I’ve read it. But I haven’t started using it yet. Want to get started with it this week. Great idea to jot down things you want to remember on your phone. I do bookmark passages and make notes on my Kindle and Audible books but would like to transpose those notes into my journal.

    What a sweet photo of you as a new mom with your first born baby. You look very confident!! I am enjoying the feature on my phone that shows me photos from a year ago, two years ago, etc. It is fun and sometimes bittersweet to remember those photo ops.

  3. I also love when our church does our missions week. I’ve always been fascinated by all things involving missions and missionary living. Some of my favorite people are missionaries, which also helps. Your trip sounds lovely~ isn’t it so good to have something to look forward to? It’s a whole mental well-being thing. I feel so hopeful that things are getting back to normal again! I enjoyed your post, my friend. Take care!

    1. Yes…I am feeling hopeful as well! And…missions week? It’s a favorite!!:) Always happy when you stop by!!

  4. It feels both great and a little weird to be able to visit people and places without masks these days. I’m enjoying every little bit of normal we can get!

  5. Awww…so sorry we couldn’t get together when you visited Lancaster. we live in Lancaster County (in Lititz). Isn’t it nice to be able to go maskless again? Love the photo of your family. I melt when I see newborn pictures of my 3 guys too. Where did the time go?

  6. What I would give to be able to have coffee with Jill Briscoe. I love her.

    I have never been to Lancaster…it’s on my list!!

    I am a straggler to the May Four Somethings tour! 🙂

    1. Oh, if you arrange that coffee date with Jill Briscoe….please invite me! What a delight that would be!!:)

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